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Birmingham Alabama Mayor Accused of Taking Bribes

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This story just amazes me and saddens me at the same time.  Just how easy it is to become seduced by "the honey of power" and corrupt with money!  Look how harsh critics were with Mayor Langford.


Emphasis is mine!


Ala. mayor accused of taking Rolex, bribes


Jury selection to begin in corruption trial against Mayor Larry Langford


BIRMINGHAM, Ala. - Mayor Larry Langford, who could be tossed out of office and go to prison if convicted of federal bribery charges, recently offered some advice to a new Birmingham City Council member.


"The illusion of power is the most dangerous drug on the planet," Langford said.  "A little bit of power — nothing intoxicates like it."


Last week's comment may sound a lot like the government's opening argument against Langford, 61, the most recent in a long line of prominent names in the state Democratic Party to face corruption charges.  Jury selection begins Monday.


Prosecutors claim a greedy, power-drunk Langford accepted bribes totaling some $235,000 — a chunk of it for upscale clothes and jewelry — while serving as president of the Jefferson County Commission before he was elected mayor.  In exchange, they say, Langford steered $7.1 million in bond business to a political crony's investment banking firm.


Critics often called him ‘Mayor LaLa’


He has launched numerous projects to pave streets and clean up neighborhoods during 22 months as mayor, but he is also known for seemingly Quixotic, off-the-wall ideas, including a bid to lure the Olympics to Birmingham in 2020.  Critics often call Langford "Mayor LaLa."


When he was commission president, the county made a series of risky financial deals known as bond swaps with Blount's firm, Blount Parrish and Co. Inc. Blount said in his plea agreement that he bribed Langford to make the deals, which brought $7.1 million to Blount's company.


Source: MSNBC


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