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While at the mall a few weeks ago, I overheard some younger people talking about being befriended.  It was totally being misused as a negative.  One would have thought with the use of facebook that the word “Befriend” would be used more often and the use of it would educate people in the use allowing them to become custom to using it.


While on a jobsite, I overheard some more people using “Befriend” in the negative sense again, this time from people my own age. 


I stopped and asked one of them a question. 


“Why are you unhappy that they befriended you?”


They said, “Well, he befriended me!” 


I said, “I thought that was a good thing to become friends.”


They said, “No you are using it wrong!  We were friends and now because of what they did we are no longer friends!  He befriended me!” 


I looked puzzled and said, “Okay, but I think you are using the word “Befriend” wrong or have the meaning of what the word means confused with another word.  I think you mean betrayed” and I walked away.


Looking up the word “Befriend” brings us the following means:


To make friends or become friendly with; act as a friend to; help; aid: to befriend the poor and the weak.


To behave as a friend to.




To become or act as a friend to




What would be the best antonym for the word befriend?

Would it be assist, support, antagonize, or counsel.

8 months ago


Looking at this, question and statement above, you can be the person is confused and on the right track and the wrong track at the same time.



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