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Quilted Northern Soft & Strong Users Have You Noticed A Change Recently?

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I recently bought a 24-pack double roll of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong toilet paper at Wal-Mart and another one on sale at Target.


While stocking the bathroom cabinet where the extra rolls of toilet paper is kept, I noticed the rolls where smaller in height.  The width was about the same, but they were smaller. 


I opened the other 24-pack and checked that one and it was the same.  I compared the old rolls to the new ones and sure enough the new rolls where 1/2 inch smaller.  I paid the same as I did before and thought I might just ask the manufacturer, Georgia Pacific Consumer Products LP, about this.


Here is the letter I sent:


Hello, my name is Randy Hollenbeck and I would like to know why the Quilted Northern toilet paper roll has shrunk from 4 1/2 inches to 4 inches?  That comes out to be about 12% less than before at the same price.  Was this done as a cost-cutting factor as to not raise the price of your toilet paper or is there another reason?  Could this have been just a mistake from the cutting machine?


Randy Hollenbeck


Here is the response I received and the response I sent back is after:


Dear Mr. Hollenbeck,


Thank you for contacting the Georgia-Pacific Consumer Response Center.  Georgia-Pacific places tremendous importance on the opinions we receive from our customers.  We understand you may have some concerns about the roll width and/or sheet count of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r).  As noted at the bottom of the package, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r) is about 1/2 inch narrower than before, and we have slightly reduced the sheet count.


Because of today's economy, cost is a factor.  We made the decision to slightly reduce the roll to bring you the bathroom tissue you trust and not raise our price to retailers.  Quilted Northern Soft & Strong continues to provide the cleanliness and comfort you have come to expect, making it a great value in today's economy.  As always, Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r) is thick, absorbent, and gentle on your skin.  The bathroom tissue features strength and durability for cleanliness, with softness and thickness for comfort.  With Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r), you do not have to compromise comfort for clean.


In fact, we've heard from many of our most loyal customers about how important the quality of our bathroom tissue is to them.  For more than 100 years, consumers have trusted Quilted Northern Soft and Strong(r) to deliver what they want most in a bathroom tissue:  cleanliness and comfort.  We would never make this change if our core consumers didn't approve of the product.


We're sorry you are disappointed with the changes we've made to the roll size of Quilted Northern Soft & Strong(r).  Georgia-Pacific is committed to providing the best quality products.


Georgia Pacific Consumer Products LP is committed to continuous product improvement and providing a variety of products to serve you.  If you have further questions or comments, please contact us at our toll free number: 1-800-2TELLGP (1-800-283-5547) or e-mail us at:  You may also visit our website at 


Thank you.


Consumer Response Center | 800-283-5547


Ref #612648


Dear Customer Response Center,


I still have the packaging and neither one contains a note at the bottom of the package explaining this change.  Perhaps, it might be that the older style of plastic wrap was used up as the package does have extra room in it. 


I have recently been to the store again and I have seen the new packaging for the product.  The new package for the toilet paper indicated that the 2-ply paper has been replaced by the new 3-ply paper.  In addition, the new packaging doesn’t state it is smaller/narrower rolls, but it does state they are 4 inch rolls, but it gives nothing to compare them to nor does it indicate the change.


I have also looked at your website in the FAQ section that the 2-ply paper is being discontinued in lieu of the new 3-ply paper. 


I think on the front of the package would have been a more appropriate place for the disclaimer.


Thank you for the information and your time,


Randy Hollenbeck


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