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My friend's thoughts on CFL's

CFL's, Energy

To me, the idea of making illegal traditional bulbs is ridiculous, equally as ridiculous as believing people are going to take their burned out and broken CFLs to the recycling center.  You'd probably spend more on gas driving there to recycle the bulb (due to the mercury content) than you saved during it's use.


On the flipside, I am not opposed to CFLs either, or saving energy.  I feel many conservatives, simply because there is a large extremist environmental movement taking place, have a knee-jerk reaction to oppose anything that has an environmental component, including CFLs.  I look at all these things and ask myself if there is a tipping point, where I actually save money and use less energy.  If so, I'm all for it.  Two examples, one I've briefly touched on, is CFLs.


About ten years ago when I first saw them, I tried them.  They burned out in 6 months, put out an unnatural light, and I saw no impact whatsoever on my energy bill.  So I watched and waited, as the concept did make sense to me.  Now there are CFLs that put out a soft white light, look like traditional bulbs, and after I've replaced the majority of the bulbs in my house with them I can see a difference in my bill.  For the last 4 years that I've used them, living in different locations, not a single one has burnt out, unlike the early models.  I also like one feature of the bulbs, the fact that it takes 60-120 seconds to get to full brightness, to be particularly nice if you get up in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning.  However, all bulbs are not made equal.  I've bought five different brands, many of them put out the horrific unnatural light of the originals, buzz and make noise, and are unsuitable for use IMHO.  The only brand I'll buy is Sylvania (Not the daylight bulbs).  They are the only ones who seem to have it down, I'll gladly pay a little more for tolerable light.


Not many people if (well, very few) are going to go through the hassle of recycling a broken light bulb.  Then a few years from now someone will report increased mercury due to all the discarded bulbs and that will become a big issue.  I did hear someone on the radio state they though that then they would bring the old bulbs back, but I don't think that will happen.  Waiting in the wings to replace CFLs are LED bulbs.  Not surprisingly, I've looked at them, and they are where CFLs were ten years ago, expensive and not bright enough, but use far less electricity than CFLs and last even longer.  In another 10 years, they might be ready for prime time.


My bottom line is that the idea of legislating CFLs is ridiculous, people should be able to choose what they want.  The people punished most by this would be the poor, who probably can't afford the more expensive bulbs, and most likely would find it difficult to dispose and care of properly and be at a higher risk from the mercury content. At the same time, nearly every conservative talk show likes to bash CFLs and other energy saving methods that while they shouldn't be mandated, do make sense and should be supported.  I like my CFL bulbs.


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