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Guest Blog - Jack Voccaro - Cudahy Poverty Rate

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Congratulations Mayor McCue and Council,


The poverty rate in the Cudahy School system has increased 30% since you took office.

In 2007, it stood at 36.2% and today it stands at 47%.  And what has been done?  Little to nothing as I see it!


Property maintenance and inspection continues to be at the bottom of your priorities.  In 1998, the Council voted to end Code Compliance, the most effective tool we had, at that time the poverty rate already stood at 27%.  Since then the only efforts to address property maintenance was through the work of Lakeside Commons Committee in 2003.  The result is the Care for Cudahy Program.


The program was funded with less than ten thousand dollars, but was expected to be expanded through the years.  However, it remains stagnate.  It is still funded with less than ten thousand dollars.  This allows for one part time person working a maximum of 600 hours a year.  And since 2003, the poverty rate in our schools has increased 55%, which is indicative that the program needs additional funding and staffing.


However, while you have managed to stifle this program, you have been able to create an Economic Development Department.  This department is staffed with one full time and two part time employees and has a budget that exceeded over a half of million dollars in the past two years.  Of course, as Mayor McCue would say it’s TIF money.  I guess he considers TIF money as play money and not real taxpayer dollars.


And congratulations on proposing a budget that increases Taxes and Fees for 2010.  Very appropriate when your citizens are facing one of the worst economic downturns this county has seen in the last 100 years.


Jack Voccaro


P.S. You have passed politics 101, put head in sand and bury it!

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