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Guest Blog - Health Care Local and National

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As I scanned the recent 2010 proposed Cudahy budget, I noticed a large amount dedicated to health care per employee. 


Not knowing the facts behind it, I tried to investigate some more.  I tried to figure out the average employer-sponsored premium per employee (family of 4 coverage).  According to the NCHC, this value is $13400, but the employee contributes on average 27% of this premium (pre-tax).  The amount in the 2010 budget for the Mayor's health care (for example) is approx. $18000 or 29% of annual payroll for this position.  It seems that this is an area that could have been addressed in the budget to reduce. 


Also, I can’t find in the 131 pages a contribution by the employees to this coverage.  I am first to admit that I could be missing points or missing information, it is an exhaustive number of pages. 


I also am not picking on the Mayor for this; there are other positions in the budget with the same coverage.


Beyond this, the recent House health care bill describes any health care coverage above the national average (I believe they set it at 17% though) will be subject to a fine.  I don’t think the people that have the House described "Cadillac coverage" realize they have this type of coverage and will be penalized (I assume State/local governments and union workers).  My understanding of the House bill is that health care premiums will no longer be able to be taken pre-tax and thus the Medical Savings Accounts will be limited or non-existent.  My coverage will actually go up, but I am still not for the bill.


- A Cudahy resident taking the time to read and do the research



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