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I know this restaurant isn’t on the south side of town, but I was shopping at Bay Shore the other day and ran across it. We were hungry so we thought we’d try it. What brought us in were the large red and white signs outside that said Five Guys, Burgers $5. Well, I wanted to know what that was about!

The restaurant is very bright, all white and red tile, like a 50’s diner. The traffic pattern is organized well, with a clear path to lead you up to the ordering window. The path is actually a stack of bulk peanut bags laid out so that you must follow them in order to get to the window. Of course, you can indulge in all the peanuts you want while you wait to order. Keeps your hands busy too. Don’t eat too many though because they do not skimp on the portion sizes at this place.

They were true to their word, you can order burgers for $5 (the little burger they call it but it is not “little”), and there is a bigger burger too. And watch out, the small fry portion is a whole large Styrofoam cupful of fat skin-on seasoned fries, and the large fry is even bigger – plus they heap an extra portion of them into the bag they serve your food in. We thought we’d get a fry for each of us and the order taker said one large fry is enough for more than 2 people. He was right!

The store is full of advertisements for their other locations and all the accolades they have gotten since starting this business in 1986. They started to franchise in 2002 out east and grew so fast that they currently have over 450 locations in 30 states (per their website).

The place was busy and it looked like there were many happy customers. Their signs boast that they never freeze anything, everything is fresh and of the highest quality, they only use peanut oil, and all their products are trans-fat free. My burger was wonderful and the fries are scrumptious. My boyfriend kept eating the peanuts and we couldn’t even attempt to finish the fries they gave us.

Check out their website and see for yourself.


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