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Guest Blog - Cudahy is Getting More Bars and that is Progress?

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R-Zone LLC 3800 Layton


Here we go again?


To the powers that be in Cudahy:


I strongly urge all of you to consider what you may be in for once again with opening yet another bar in our residential neighborhood.  Do you remember what the last 12 months brought to the council and all of the legwork and accusations and potential threats that came with it?  Do you really want that situation re-visited? 


Where do these new lease-ees reside?  (Give you a hint, Milwaukee…not Cudahy)

What type of music will they be playing?

Will there be a floor?  Club atmosphere?

What type of clientele will be following these past "bartenders"?


I am hesitant to ask these questions in public because of possible demonstrated with the graffiti and damage done to property after the TM was shut down.


Please use your head and common sense to guide you and know what our citizens want to accomplish for our fine city.  No More Bars!!!


One more thing,


Just thought I would let you know that, yes, business in Cudahy is "making progress.”

Appears that the previous "TM" location will once again be operating as yet another tavern in our fine city.  Just what we needed.  Oh yes, a Sports Bar, to be exact.  Men from Milwaukee that were previous bartenders now are leasing the place...from an owner that displays a 262 area code phone number.  ?


How can the CC approve this?  They are running scared.  Let's get someone with some balls in there!  Joe M. is the only one to vote no to another bar.  Let's get the city together, and say, just because it is not happening in your own neighborhood that you should just ignore things and not take a stand.  We are a community and should be willing to stand by and with our neighbors, even if you don't reside in that particular neighborhood.  WAKE UP CUDAHY !!!!!!   


Seems the CDA would have had the opportunity to purchase the property at selling, to turn it into something other than another bar, but once again, what do they care?  As long as we get a Shop-ko or some other fantasy.  Once again, no regard for the neighborhood or those who try to make Cudahy a better place to "live, work and play.”  (See city website)


Fritts talked to DPW head the whole time words were being exchanged at the council meeting tonight about the liquor license issuing.


Randy, too bad you weren't in attendance at the CC meeting.  Circus!


- Concerned Cudahy Resident


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