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Cudahy 2010 Election Notes & Rumors

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor

Mayoral Candidate Tony Day will have a fundraiser on Dec. 1st at South Woods.  Invites have been sent out to many Cudahy residents and those that have pledged their support in the campaign to attend the fundraiser.


Mayoral Candidate Kevin Fech will be in attendance at the budget meeting Monday night.


Current Mayor Ryan McCue is holding his campaign party of support at Sheridan’s on Dec. 3.


I will be contacting Mayoral Candidate Dan Stanislowski about having a sit down and interview.


Remember you cannot email the Mayor, alderpersons or any of the elected officials at there city email addresses about the 2010 election.  That would be considered campaigning on taxpayer’s time and money.


Rumor – Former Mayor John Hohenfeldt is going to be jumping in the Clerk / Treasurer race in early December.


This information is for Mr. Day, Mr. Fech, Mr. Stanisklowski or anyone wanting to look into it.  With the information that Cudahy City Accountant Bruce W Schuknecht provided us that budgets of years 2004-2007 were all surpluses (see numbers below) and that at the time 2007 Mayoral Candidate Ryan McCue’s platform under the heading “Providing Quality City Service” made the following false accusation which might have swayed the 2007 election (Wisconsin Ethics Board - that would be an election ethics violation):


Budgeting: It is the mayor’s responsibility to present a balanced budget to the common council.  The past two budgets, Mayor Hohenfeldt has presented deficit budgets.  That is unacceptable.”






Cudahy Budgets


2004    $ 328,531

2005    $ 340,162

2006    $ 641,583

2007    $ 150,571


Above numbers are surpluses. 



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