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Greatest Villain in American History

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This was a conversation with a liberal (Labor Party) friend of mine.  He states the items in red and my answers are in blue.


According to Beck, Woodrow Wilson is the greatest villain in American History, and for Coulter its JFK?  I am confused.


Are you confused because two different conservatives gave two different answers?


I think perspective with ideology and whether or not one answers the question of “Villain,” from eyes of what they personally have seen or what they have read/heard can change ones answer. 


Let us not forget how does one define “Villain”?  It is a subjective word with inherent personal means that can be attached, which may alter the individual’s personal meaning on top of the dictionary meaning that some may strictly adhere to while others treat more liberally or are more flexible on.


Glenn Beck’s “Arguing with Idiots: How to Stop Small Minds and Big Government” and Woodrow Wilson’s comment I think is from a total historical perspective in Beck’s opinion.


For me it would be Jimmy Carter.  Nice man and all.  Looking at this from my time on Earth.  Carter keeps up his “Villain” even today with the recent comments of why people didn’t vote for Obama or why people lash out at Obama.  Carter tells us that because Obama’s skin color is why the right does this.  To me this shows that Carter is just ignorant and it is sad that many on the left fall for it! 


I know one foolish person that is so blinded by the power of the left that he is not color blind like we all should be.  I, to him, am a racist!  He doesn’t have a clue to me or my family.  I bet my family is much more multicultural than he could ever think his is.


I didn’t vote for Obama.


It was based on his ideology.  Period!  Not skin color.  It would not matter if he were white or blue with purple spots.  Time doesn’t change a man’s word, but you learn his sincerity of action during it!


Forgetting perspective with ideology and not being able to separate ones thought of what or who represents America, is how people have taken Rush’s comment of wanting Obama’s policies to fail, thus Obama and not America!


However, when someone ties themselves so much to an ideology, belief set, etc.  That they are unwilling to accept pragmatic solutions for problems that face all Americans, then they are not spouting opinion, they are an obscurantist dilatants.  Glen Beck's arguments equating Woodrow Wilson's progressive beliefs (the same at Theodore Roosevelt and ... William Taft) as being Fascist and ideology that won't be created for another decade is the worst form of revisionist crap.  Coulter's attack on JFK for not attacking Cuba thus, he loved communism is at best a logical fallacy, and at worst the utterances of a simpleton.  Thus, I mock them for their fallacies.  And I wish that the real conservative leadership would just start to speak and discuss real conservative beliefs.


I can agree with you on many points there Dean.  I just wish that both sides would work together for all the problems that Americans face.  That will not happen because neither side will ever say the other is right!  When it comes time to debate, one side seldom listens to the other.


Revisionist crap is happening all the time from all sides.  Many people just accept it.


It is the base of operation when the left talks about WMD that over time we didn’t find any in Iraq so our reason to enter Iraq was false in the first place.  That is false logic.  When you get intel it is for that time.  You can make reassessments later, but it doesn’t change what you did.


Is it possible you are making and taking Beck’s and Coulter’s opinions and simplifying them yourself?  What if she has more then Cuba, but didn’t articulate it?  Is it possible you want to see things that way and they are for your ideology and core belief system gives you “from a certain point of view” answers?  Much like 5 people seeing a car crash or shooting and coming up with different scenarios or events that happen.


You hold conservatives to a certain regard and is it fair to hold them to the same standards?  Do you think the label of conservatives must act a certain way?


It is intellectually dishonest to lump in ALL right-wingers, or conservatives, or Christians to a single system of believe AND more importantly, ideology.


It is further irresponsible to label "all conservatives” as culpable that many on the other side think that somehow we desire to rid the world of liberals with violence.


How is it that the left uses liberal and progressive to mean the same thing?  They are not, yet people interchange them.


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