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I'm Running For Cudahy Mayor

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor, Development

At least that is what this email I received from someone tells me.


Here it is (spelling and grammar errors and all):


It is rather obvious at your intentions, are to run for Cudahy mayor. I see you are displaying an Obama tatic of dirty and destroying your main opposition to clear the playing field. Thse Chicago machine ways will not work in Cudahy. People see right thur to your silly intentions. We know you court the title of mayor. You do not understand what it takes to transform Cudahy from low income poor people to a rich calss. Only Mayor McCue and the people he has persoanly brought in do. It is people like you that bring Cudahy down. You don’t have much to say good, so you just keep up with what is wrong in cuady. The trains are to bring tourisum into Cudahy once it is flushed of the low lifes.  You are a foolish man!


So that is what a confused misguided reader thinks.


Does the job and work of the Mayor interest me?  Yes!  I have not hid that whatsoever!


Will I be running in 2010? 




Will I support someone else other than McCue? 


You betcha!


Might I run for Mayor in 2013?  Maybe!


I would like to see as someone already pointed out a fiscally conservative person to run for Mayor in Cudahy during this 2010 election.


I have already outlined what the next Mayor of Cudahy needs to be like.


The Obama reference and Chicago machine part just made me laugh!


I don’t work by intimidation; that is someone else.  I am a straight shooter who puts his cards on the table.  You know where I stand on issues and I stand by my convections.


Court the title of Mayor.  That is one of our biggest problems in Cudahy.  So many people are worried about having the title instead of doing the job and responsibilities of Mayor.  To those that just want to be Mayor and do nothing to help the city besides pad a resume, it is looked as a metal or trophy.


The city is always looking for the next big thing, the silver bullet that’s going to turn things around and that isn’t going to happen.


The KRM train is not going to restore Cudahy or fix it.  Get over looking for the pot of gold under the rainbow.  Looking for the easy fix instead of doing the necessary hard work.  The future is NOT trains!


For our part, we have had to accept that the city has limited resources and that we have to work together to change things ourselves.


Cudahy One is right when they said, “Don't waste your vote next election, vote for 1 of the 2 people running that WILL improve this city, not send it backwards!”


When you govern by fear, you lose all respect of and from those you govern!


We need some that just doesn’t want to play Mayor and pickup their paycheck, but someone that does the work and does just outsource it.


We need to elect politicians that are common sense minded with forward thinking and an eye on the practical, low-cost ideas for revitalization.


We need the right size government we can afford on a budget!


How about low income government for a change!


One of the jobs of our elected officials is to field calls and emails from the constituents regarding many issues.


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