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Cudahy Chief of Police Thomas D. Poellot's Statement from Blockwatch Meeting

Cudahy, Police, Meeting

This is the statement that Police Chief Thomas D. Poellot read during the November 25, 2009 Cudahy blockwatch meeting regarding the situation involving Cudahy Municipal Judge Zodrow.  For the record, Judge Zodrow did agree that the information in the statement was factual as he was in attendance for the blockwatch meeting.


From Cudahy Chief of Police Thomas D. Poellot


  • I disagree with the statement that Judge Zodrow and I have a dispute over the Police Department cutting off his access to our records management system.  January 1, 2009 the Police Department went to a records management system called Pro Phoenix from Enforcer system.  The Court has chosen to go with a records management system call Tipss.  We are actually in agreement that there should be autonomy between Municipal Court and the Police Department.


  • This issue is that the Judge states that he needs an additional part-time court clerk to assist in processing tickets.  He states that to properly process the parking tickets he needs that additional person.  I’ve told him that I would support him in obtaining that additional help.


  • The dispute he and I are having is how to handle things until he gets that help.  The Municipal Court is currently receiving assistance from a Police Clerk.  I believe that the Judge should continue to take that assistance until he can put his own process in place.  Believe me, we don’t need his work, we have enough of our own work to do.  My point is that we have to keep the process functional until we come up with a solution.


  • Holding a box hostage of an estimated 500 plus parking tickets that are only waiting the Judges signature is unbelievable to me.  I’ve told the Judge that I believe that his is trying to play hardball with the financial component to compel the city to provide him his additional clerk.  His response was that the conventional means were not working.


  • Moths ago we discussed at a Blockwatch meeting that Mayor McCue has told the Judge in the past that all the Judge had to do is raise the ticket fees $5.00 to pay for the additional clerk.  A few months ago you all heard him agree to do that at one of these meetings.  His additional clerk had been approved.


I knew that the complaints of Cudahy Police Officers regarding the Cudahy Municipal Court had to be quantified.  The audit of the Municipal Court was essential and I believe that hundreds of thousands of dollars that the court is behind, as detailed in the audit, illustrates the problems with the Cudahy Municipal Court.


The Cudahy Municipal Court processes Municipal tickets.  Tickets are one of the ways that Police Officers address issues to change an offender’s behavior.  The backlog of Municipal tickets is unfair to the defendant who received the ticket, unfair to the Police Officers who issued the ticket and is unfair to the residents of Cudahy who expect that timely action is taken to change offender’s behavior.


The operation of the Cudahy Municipal Court is undermining the effectiveness of law enforcement in Cudahy.  The effectiveness and efficiency of the Cudahy Municipal Court must be addressed and must be changed.

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