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Deceptive or Clever Marketing - Prestone 50/50 Ready-to-use Antifreeze

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For those of you who might not know what the product is here is a little bio on it and Prestone’s Extended Life Antifreeze


Prestone 50/50 Ready-to-use Prediluted Extended Life

Antifreeze/ Coolant features a blend of 50% antifreeze/coolant for temperature and corrosion protection and 50% demineralized water for heat transfer protection. 




Prestone Extended Life Antifreeze/Coolant is compatible with ANY antifreeze/ coolant – regardless of color – for use in ALL makes and models of cars and light duty trucks.  This patented formula provides a high degree of performance durability and carefully balanced protection against temperature extremes and rust corrosion of all cooling system metals, including aluminum.




Okay, now that you have familiarized yourself with the product, just get down to business. 


For the longest since cars switched from using alcohol based antifreeze chemicals to the ethylene glycol based you need to dilute the antifreeze with 50/50 water.


When I started at K-Mart back in the day, (1987 Chase Ave K-Mart) Prestone Antifreeze sold for under three dollars.  Then came the ethylene glycol shortage (1988 – 1989), which saw the price more than double.  People scrambled to buy it at the lower price as it was skyrocketing.


We were even having people coming in to the Hales Corners K-Mart to purchase pallets of it at a time.  Some day when I finish my book, As the blue light flashes, I have a funny story about an antifreeze pallet that fell, I slip cut my ear on a hanging muffler getting blood everywhere and a customer asking me if he could have a bottle with no blood on it.  But I will go on with the rest of the blog post, of course an old ex-friend Mike Koehler, who does read the blog, got a chuckle out of the memory.


So back then, the Prestone antifreeze was sold full-strength only.  It did require you to mix it with water.


Around 2005/2006 Prestone came out with a new product, Prestone 50/50 Ready-to-use Prediluted Extended Life.  See the Ready-to-use Prediluted was already mixed at the 50/50 with water.  Just pour it in.  Easy to use.


Sounds good, but here is the rub.  At the time, the regular Prestone (at full strength) sold for $8.99 at Walmart and the Prestone 50/50 Ready-to-use Prediluted for $8.49 for the same size bottle.


So instead of the trick that most laundry deterrents and fabric softeners were using, making the super concentrated formulas calling them “Ultra”, Prestone is giving consumers half the amount of ethylene glycol for almost the same price.


What a racket.  Yes, it is slightly convenient, but for almost double the price?



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