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Bananas, they are good for you with lots of potassium.


We eat them just as they are or make them into a banana milk shake or even banana bread.


When we find them for 29¢ a pound, we call it a steal.  We buy them at 39¢ a pound and walk away knowing we got a deal.


We choose our bananas carefully.  You want just the right banana bunch.  You will want a banana that is not too ripe. You want one that is yellow with a hint of green on both ends, and no brown spots. 


Bananas come mainly from the tropical climate area with warm moist air.


We buy a banana hanger/tree to hold our bananas on the counter and protect them from getting bruised.


We don’t keep them in the plastic bag or place them in the refrigerator as the cold temperature of your fridge encourages them to ripen and get mushy.  See they do that so they don’t develop mold.


We never leave them in our cars overnight in the wintertime because they almost immediately in morning will be dark brown or black well, within 12-24 hours anyways.


We don’t put them in the sun to ripen like we do tomatoes because they will get all dried up and will not ripen.


I hope someone that works at the Cudahy Aldi’s reads my blog post today, since three times I have purchased bananas there at 39¢ a pound.  The next day sitting on my counter is my banana hanger with what was once slightly green bananas yesterday are now black bananas only fit for the cake pan now.


See someone must have thought that they should keep them cold in a cooler or refrigerated area since they are produce.


Now I have purchased them during the summer, fall and now later in the fall to have the same outcome.


So if you work at the Cudahy Aldi’s or know someone who does, please let them know that the bananas need to be protected and saved from the cold not saved or protected with cold.

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