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Cudahy Clarifications

2010 Election, Cudahy, Election, Mayor

Questions to Cudahy Mayoral Candidate Tony Day


Question 1


Mr. Day any truth to this?


Lack of Accountability Cause for Concern

Submitted By Al Kujawa


Amongst the most concerning rumors echoing through the halls of the Cudahy municipal building is the rumored back-door deal involving former economic development director Jack Vacarro and candidate Anthony Day.  As one version has it, candidate Day, if elected would act to eliminate the full-time position of mayor in favor a part-time post.  Control of the day-to-day operations would be handed over to an appointed City Administrator.  The rumor mill would have us believe Vacarro is the insider slated for appointment in a Day administration.”




Tony Day to me

5:11 PM




Plot to discredit my platform?  No change in position can be decided without the full council's approval..  Can I have a blue ribbon committee of elected officials and citizens review how our current management structure functions.  Yes.  We currently have constant turnover of council members, a flawed judicial system, and confusion in the current administration.  Various things have to be looked at entirely and reviewed before any changes can even be considered. 



Question 2


Did a working library personnel help get signatures for you while you have your event at the library?


Randy Hollenbeck




Tony Day to me

5:13 PM



No.  I had my meet and greet in August.  No signatures could be gathered at that time.



Question 3


Mr. Day here is a rumor that keeps popping up that if you get in as Cudahy’s Mayor, you will hire McCue as the city administrator.


Any truth to that?


Randy Hollenbeck






No truth to the rumor. 






Question to Cudahy Mayoral Candidate Kevin Fech


Did a working library personnel help get signatures for you while you have your event at the library?






Kevin Fech to me

7:48 PM


No they did not.  After they opened the room and showed me everything I needed, they left the area.






From Cudahy Mayoral Candidate Kevin Fech


Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 1:35 PM

We did pay the standard rate for the use of the room and we were also very clear in what we were using the room for.





This information provided by JTozz on the use of the Library Meeting Rooms



Tuesday Jan 12, 2010 3:40 PM


There is no where to comment on the "user submitted" stories (commentaries), probably on purpose.  The latest post about using the Library for campaigning seems to be misleading.  There are 2 rooms at the Cudahy library that are available for public use.  My understanding is that the events in question where held in one of these 2 rooms and not inside the library itself.  There are many, many events held in these rooms.  All of which must be approved by Library Director and Library Board whom I would rely on that they know what is legal and what isn’t.  Below is the Public Meeting Room policy that all applicants must adhere to.



Tax money is not being spent on holding events at these rooms, rather the costs of renting these rooms aides in defraying costs to taxpayers.  The meeting room according to what I can view on the budget reports for the library actually took in $4236 of revenue for the library.  I'd suggest more groups rent these rooms and bring in more revenue for the much needed library budget.



This information provided by JTozz on Post Office signatures


I am no lawyer and my research is limited but the case law that I briefly could find was clear that the Post Office is off limits for obtaining signatures (see below).  Since the side of McCue is posting "whispers" as news stories, the Post Office signatures should probably be investigated as well.  Before reading these "news stories" I didn’t care either way.  I thought that McCue should have just thrown them away and asked to have them resigned at a different location, but these spend and tax liberal supporters don’t think they ever need to do such things.




From: Randy Hollenbeck (

Re: Election help


Cudahy is in the need of some major help in regards to where you can and cannot circulate nomination papers for signatures and conduct fundraising activities


Can people running for office use the Public Library to circulate nomination papers and conduct fundraising activities in the election?


Can people running for office use the Public schools to circulate nomination papers and conduct fundraising activities in the election?


Can people running for office use the Public Parks to circulate nomination papers and conduct fundraising activities in the election?


Can people running for office use the U.S. Post Office to circulate nomination papers and conduct fundraising activities in the election?


Please advise to what are the correct answers.




Mr. Hollenbeck:


Your email has been forwarded to me for a response.


Wisconsin Statutes do not specifically indicate where nomination papers can be circulated.  Whether public buildings or property can be used to circulate nomination papers is a decision for the governmental entity that owns the property.  The answer may also depend upon whether the property or facility has traditionally been held out to be available for public discourse, or for rental by private organizations.  The Government Accountability Board, therefore, is unable to determine, and does not have the authority to determine, whether nomination papers can be circulated in either the post office or facilities owned by a particular municipality.


Regarding fundraising activities, section 11.36 of the Wisconsin Statutes contains several provisions regarding solicitation of public employees and use of public property for fundraising.  Subsection (2) of that statute prohibits the solicitation of any officer or employee of a municipality during established hours of employment or while the officer or employee is engaged in official duties.  Subsections (3) and (4) generally prohibit the use of a public building for political fundraising.  However, those restrictions may not prevent a municipality from renting out or permitting the use of a public building for a private political organization when the facility is not being used for a public purpose.


Violations of the campaign finance laws involving local offices are prosecuted by the local district attorney and therefore any complaints regarding alleged improper activity should be filed with that office.  This response is not intended to conclude whether or not violations have occurred in the specific situations you described.


Thank you for contacting the Government Accountability Board.




Michael Haas

Staff Counsel

Wisconsin Government Accountability Board

P.O. Box 7984

212 E. Washington Ave.  Third Floor

Madison, WI 53707-7984



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