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Let's Fix Cudahy

2010 Election, Cudahy, Mayor, McCue

Our initial step to recovery in Cudahy is to get rid of Mayor McCue.  Pick either Kevin Fech or Tony Day to be your candidate for Cudahy Mayor.


First let’s look at why it must be McCue kicked out of office by not being reelected, then I will go over Kevin Fech or Tony Day’s strengths and weaknesses and why either one with weaknesses is much better than status quo with Mayor McCue in separate blog posts.


If you don’t think I was hard on the former Mayor John Hohenfeldt just ask him or do an open records request on emails from me to him.  I didn’t have this medium (the blog) to openly air out my disagreements during former Mayor John Hohenfeldt’s term.  Since former Mayor John Hohenfeldt was/is a conservative, I think we saw eye-to-eye on ideology more often than not.


When current Mayor McCue was my alderman, he sat in my family room and told my wife and I that he was a conservative reformer and he was.  I have told you before that it was Milwaukee County government that change him.  He lost that conservative reformer and picked up a liberal outlook.


Wisconsin is a state where the Mayor doesn’t let his ideology and political affiliations known, but not all states are like that.  Ideology is at the core of the person and is in each person’s decisions they make.  Typically, people like to surround themselves with others that hold their ideology.


It has been thrown out there that when Ryan McCue was the County Supervisor current Cudahy Alderperson Joseph Mikolajczak was his aide down at County.  This is true. 


Mr. Mikolajczak was asked to resign his post of aide to County Supervisor Ryan McCue by Ryan McCue himself. 


He was not fired as some are talking about.


I do think this is a time when Ryan McCue ideology changed from a conservative reformer to a liberal. 



"The only place success comes before work is in the dictionary.”  - Vince Lombardi


You can just imagine the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the likes of McCue’s staunch supporters, remember you can refute me all you want.  Critics -- once you put out a detailed document we will all be interested.  Chances are it will not materialize anyways.  Owie! 


Take a look back at the report cards I did on Mayor McCue.


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It’s important to close strong in this particular game, because people aren’t great at remembering past performances when they vote, but that is where I come in to remind people what was promised and what was the end result.


Elected officials routinely are judged based on the extent to which their campaign promises meet the expectations of action on the campaign promises.  For those of you Cudahy elected officials that support Ryan McCue and hitch your caboose to his train, beware of the consequences!  


For the 2007 Mayoral election in which Ryan McCue won, the expectations were as big as they could be and the net result is flat and down!


The Kool-Aid has spilled and is drying up!  Everyone who is off of the Kool-Aid seems to think what did I do and how can I fix it?  It is like they are coming out of a coma!


Has anything from the report cards I did on McCue’s 2007 campaign promises been fixed?  Voters were bamboozled by Ryan McCue in 2007.  Do we want that same mistake or have we learned from our mistake and are ready to move forward and on?  Stop the bleeding and start fresh.


You can fool all of the people some of the time!

You can fool some of the people all of the time!

But you can't fool all the people all of the time!


McCue and Cudahy are like two trains on separate tracks and will never arrive at the same destination.  NEVER!


The City and McCue are always looking for the next big thing, the silver bullet that’s going to turn things around and if you listen to McCue it is the KRM and only the KRM can do.  McCue is pinning the hopes of Cudahy all on the KRM.  You cannot move forward into the past!


Ultimately, however, local businesses say they can only do so much and that the city badly needs an economic strategy that will bring employment opportunities here.  In the end, the only real solution for Cudahy is jobs!  For our part, we have had to accept that the city has limited resources and that we have to work together to change things ourselves and that change is getting a new Mayor in Cudahy! 


A storage/freight company looked at the IcePort, but was given the cold shoulder since it would use the rail and hurt the changes of the KRM.  I was told up to 900 jobs. 

Augghh!!  Augghh!!  Augghh!  Instead of doing what is best for Utopia, do what is best for Cudahy, not McCue!


Again, just like Wal-Mart, personal feelings getting in the way from doing what is right for the city.  Oh, McCue could use the KRM to linkup with the Metra to visit his parents in Naperville though.  I have a better idea, McCue can just move back to Illinois instead and let Cudahy begin its time of recovery and prosper under true leadership!  Exit stage anywhere!


You know, maybe all of us in Cudahy could do a fundraiser to buy Mayor McCue a bus ticket down to Kenosha so he can ride the Metra back to his parents or he can get a one way ticket to AnyWhereButHere, USA.


Maybe it is time to drain the swamps rather than shoot the mosquitoes?


I have no idea what the future holds but somebody needs to step up and steer the ship.  And McCue is a captain,"Captain Tragedy", looking to abandon and jump ship (to Lt. Governor, I hear and read in this case).


To hold a public office, one must throw oneself into the position, all of oneself, if you want to be good at it.




Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ryan McCue for Lieutenant Governor???

A little bird told me that Ryan McCue, former turncoat Milwaukee County Supervisor, turned WalMart hating Mayor of Cudahy  is asking around for support in a run for Lieutenant Governor on the Democrat side.


Probably not a good idea Mr. McCue.  You will be lucky to win re-election in April, let alone a Lt. Gov seat.


And here we are again, true believers.  Cudahy acts to ease pension liability.  Yes one good thing in three years and let's all be grateful for that!?!  But on the case that McCue should be praised and honored for the task is “Over Rated”!  Even a blind squirrel finds a nut.  Every squirrel gets a nut if they try hard enough... 


"Duh," you're saying to yourself.  But think about it.


We sure are getting our money worth out of Mayor Ryan McCue! NOT!


"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval.”  - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Is crime up or down in Cudahy? 


Cudahy may not be Baghdad, but it isn't Eden either.  McCue is trying to play the “I am tough on crime part,” and taking credit for the K-9 Unit.  Remember Mayor McCue was only 98% sure about it and left the paperwork on his desk for months.  And this talk about the Crime Suppression Unit, that was Alderman Sean Smith’s idea from the previous Common Council when Mayor John Hohenfeldt was Mayor.


McCue even missed a meeting for absentee landlords that he was pushing for changes on.


Now onto the Patrick Cudahy fire.  McCue seems to be a hero in some people’s eyes because of the Patrick Cudahy fire.  The fire chief and firefighters are the heroes, not him.  Mayor McCue was finally doing his job. 


Wait, Mayor McCue codified the ordinances.  Did he, or did he direct people to do it?  Is it done?


Taking credit for the schools!  Don’t we have a School Board and School Superintendent for that?  Oh, but if you talk about low enrollment or test scores, McCue don’t have anything to do with that.


Taking credit for the swine flu shots?  I thought we have a health department for that in Cudahy and Carol Wantuch?  We do!  When McCue cures cancer or AIDS, wait maybe he did, we should check his webpage!


If you take all the credit, you take all the failures! 


Personally, with Mayor McCue, I think at the end of the day it was an experiment that obviously did not work.  You can't deliver; get out of the way McCue.  Other people have will and time to get things done.  We need people capable of seeing the signs.  If you cannot see the signs staring at you in the face are you of any use?


Obviously, there is a big difference between philosophy and politics and ideals and governing.


We have seen no development with Mayor McCue and his one man's "vision" has left us with the carcass that was Cudahy!  As I've said before, the cancer starts slowly, spreading to surrounding organs, growing larger, spreading more, until the system is compromised and the host (Cudahy) dies.


When someone’s visions clouds the picture, it is time to change the channel! 


Cudahy’s business conditions are often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed.  I am told that Mayor McCue wants something better than Wal-Mart, well that must be the “Get It Now” in Packard Plaza.  What happen to upscale?


Now don’t get me wrong, I think it fits in Cudahy just fine.  I think clearance stores and outlet malls/stores would do just fine.


Surely, by now you know that the greatest crisis facing this country and our city is the economy.  That is when you need development and jobs!


Has McCue brought in any new development?  No one's stepping up in the McCue administration and offering the smoothest, wisest solution to our troubles.  I am sure the residents of Cudahy are growing impatient as they wait for his grand economic visions to translate into something tangible.  Anything!  But we can wait for something better!  A better Mayor is just around the corner!


Mayor McCue has become a major barrier to progress locally, which impacts Cudahy’s opportunities far and wide.  He is not pro-business, so the City with a new Mayor needs to cooperate to bring new business ventures to our area.  Thus, it is more important to have some one who is open to new ideas and can see the bigger picture, again a new Mayor who is NOT McCue!  His true lack of leadership and his total disregard for what is best for the community is reason enough not to vote for him.


"The measure of a man's real character is what he would do if he knew he would not be found out.”  - Thomas Macaulay


We are paying to cleanup the Iceport and that isn’t even going well.  They found footings still there from the Meyer Bottling, which will cost the taxpayers extra.  All of this would have been paid by Wal-Mart.


We are still waiting for the Employee Handbook, to get the Car Use and log file done with.  See I don’t want what happen in New Berlin to happen in Cudahy.


From New Berlin


Speaking of the mayors use of a city vehicle: On a previous blog entry, someone mentioned the mayor takes his city vehicle to Appleton.  Well, well, well (as Linda says).


Voice seems to recall he has children attending college (where?  Madison?  Oshkosh?)  - does the mayor really take this city owned (taxpayer owned) vehicle out of town for personal trips?  Well, well, well - that sure doesn't seem right!


Will McCue leave Cudahy in better shape than he found it?


Yet again, we ask a simple question, “Are we and Cudahy better off?”


This is the lowest point I've ever seen it and it tears me up to think our beloved city could be no more in the not so distant future.  Can Cudahy return to glory?


We need to elect forward-thinking politicians with practical, low-cost ideas for urban revitalization.  We need to hold our elected officials accountable for the condition of our city and our quality of life.  It all starts at the top, with Mayor McCue!  Getting rid of McCue and electing a Mayor that will truly work in the best interest of the city and its people is worth trading Wonka's golden ticket for.


When trying to climb out of a hole, you don't re-elect the folks who dug the hole in the first place.  Remember time and time again it has been McCue’s inability to make decisions based on anything other than his own self-interest?  Look at the trees and the Forest.


We don’t need to destroy Cudahy to save it...


If McCue is reelected, GAME OVER MAN GAME OVER!  Last man out turn out the lights, switch off the power, and lock up the gates.


Don’t forget the Primary Election is Tuesday February 16, 2010 and vote for Kevin Fech or Tony Day for Cudahy Mayor and send Mayor McCue packing with a message, “We CAN do better” and then it will truly be a new day for Cudahy!





From the email inbox today.



I totally agree... who gave McCue permission to put signs out on vacant lots.

Putting a sign on a crappy vacant lot does not tell me much about that person.


And when the Police Chief decides to actually move to Cudahy, then he can speak up for the Mayor.  He cannot even vote for McCue, he lives an hour away.

Open your eyes people and believe that a BIG sign means nothing.

Make the right choice, do research, and do not make another mistake.

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