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RTA Will Be a Self Taxing Board!

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To the four other people in attendance at the budget meeting when I talked to mayor McCue about the RTA being a self-taxing board


Remember “Pandora’s Box” when reading the statements and the last time you saw a tax rescinded!  


Emphasis of Bolds and underlines are mine.


Lawmakers are working with Gov. Jim Doyle to draft new legislation that would create more transit authorities with the power to levy various taxes to support the bus systems, said Dan Kanninen, Doyle's legislative director. Kanninen said the bill could be introduced by the end of the year, for action when the Legislature reconvenes in January.



Lies and misinformation – Remember those wanting the RTA said it would not go on to the property tax.


Still, in deference to political reality, the new legislation would create multiple transit authorities that might eventually merge with the RTA.  The Milwaukee County authority would still be funded by a 0.5% sales tax.  Kenosha and Racine would have their own transit authorities, which could be funded by property taxes, local vehicle registration fees, hotel taxes, sales taxes or some combination of those options.



Everyone knows that everyone else knows that everyone else knows, except those in power as an unelected body, needs more oversight, not more power.  'Oh, no one knows what goes on behind close doors'!


Fees are taxes!  Apparently, fees are not taxes when you're complaining about taxes but they are when you're complaining about fees.


Fees by their very nature are regressive.  The shift will be onto the backs of the middle class.


Let us not just close our eyes and allow someone to blindly lead us down a hasty path that is the wrong one.  Walk, not run, with eyes open wide, down the right path. 


SWOT Analysis is a strategic planning method used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in a project or in a business


We need to create an environment that will foster business/job growth.  Raising taxes is not the answer to our current economic challenges.


You cannot move forward into the past!


Wisconsinites want government to live within its means and to set spending priorities that reflect their priorities, rather than seek ever increasing amounts of taxpayer funds for programs that serve few if any


Doyle doesn’t want a binding referendum in Milwaukee County, but is required in other counties.  A stench like rotten eggs wafts through the air.  Yeah, it would be like finding a gray area.  You're trying to find where the holes are in the rulebook.


Don’t rush into something just to do it!  What a bizarre assertion.  It's pretty easy and common to plan something out before executing it.  Happens all the time.


Politicians jump on the bandwagon as a revenue raiser and means of control threatening us with dire consequences


Is their a future in the past? uum…  Yes?  Nah ... Noooo... NO!


At a time when we're fighting a serious deficit, this is inexcusable and unconscionable to have more taxes!


Mass Transit - Wakes up every morning and eats money but of course, KRM will require a non-stop diet of cash from the taxpayers!


Remember - A taxing body is a legal governmental entity with elected or appointed officials whose entity is responsible for providing a service to you, the taxpayer


My friend, Jay Weber of WISN 1130, talks about RTA, Taxes, and the KRM on these two podcasts.  Please take the time and listen to them.


Jan. 21: Some of southeastern Wisconsin's biggest business leaders join Jim Doyle's call for commuter rail Part1


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Jan. 21: Some of southeastern Wisconsin's biggest business leaders join Jim Doyle's call for commuter rail Part2


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Remember this from 2003:



September 11, 2003


Concerned about the perceived lack of accountability on the part of appointed boards, Senator Mary Lazich (R-New Berlin) is exploring legislation that would make boards with taxing authority elected bodies.


“Citizens should have a say in the way tax money is spent, and, in many cases, there is a disconnect between appointed board members and taxpayers.” 


Lazich is reacting to the recent decision of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents to authorize increased pay ranges for 14 top UW System administrators.  The regents met via teleconference and passed a new set of pay ranges that apply to 35 top executives in the system.  Out of 17 regents, 11 participated in the teleconference.  Eight of the 11 voted by voice vote to approve the new pay ranges.  Three did not vote.


“I question whether it is good public policy to allow appointed board members to authorize increased pay ranges based on a voice vote of less than half of the members,” said Lazich.


Lazich is also reacting to an August 2003 report by the Wisconsin Taxpayer’s Alliance that found that the amount of property taxes collected by state technical colleges over the last decade has more than doubled.  The appointed state board that oversees the Wisconsin Technical College System has approved local property tax levies that increased from $251 million in 1992-92 to $511.6 million in 2001-02.  


Wisconsin taxpayers are fed up with high taxes and are demanding more accountability,” said Lazich.  “The merits of changing certain appointed boards to elected bodies are worthy of discussion.”  


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