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Disappointing News on Cudahy Mayoral Debates

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It would appear that there will be “NO” Cudahy Mayoral debates before the primary.


Mr. Fech was following up on an earlier request about the debate and this message was sent as a follow up to that request.  He wants to show people that he will keep them informed as to what is going on.  He thinks this is important that he follows up on all questions.  He intends on making sure that things work out as well after the fact.


Here is the email and information from Cudahy Mayoral Candidate Kevin Fech:




As of now, the Kelly Sr Center is not planning a primary debate.  They are working with the League of Women's Voters for a debate in March for the spring election.


Kevin Fech


One has a tendency to laugh at the announcement of this result.  But we are crying for the future of Cudahy!


I fully understand the old adage - When you are the front-runner or incumbent, you do not demean yourself by engaging in debates --- Campaigning 101.


But how does that help the citizens?


So we as voters in Cudahy get ripped off!  Of course, this works in favor for Mayor McCue and against the rest running for Mayor and the residents of Cudahy.


I wonder what happen????????


Something's definitely afoot.


Since not too long ago Mayor McCue told Mr. Fech it would happen!


A stench like rotten eggs wafts through the air.


If no one else will come forward to do one, I have an email to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (MJS), WTMJ4, UWUM Radio 89.7, WPR 90.7, Milwaukee Public Television – MPTV, and Time Warner Cable's Community Programming Center if they would do one!  We need it to clear up and understand the differences to make an informed decision.  So it's of pivotal importance to have a debate!


“One asks, many answer, all learn” – Plato


I also understand that you should never run for public office if you need to be loved by everyone.  That's Management 101.


If I was Mr. Fech or Mr. Day, I would be screaming bloody murder to get one before the primary since this only helps McCue not to have one!  Now is the time to speak up and that is not being negative, that is being responsible.  Get 'A spine of steel' and don’t take NO for an answer!


You can’t play to lose, you must play to win; you have to go for it.


A Mayor needs to be seen and heard!


Silence is complicity.  Only by standing up for what's right and never letting down can we say we are doing our part.


Knowledge is power.  Being a skeptic is to be a person in search of knowledge.  All knowledge we possess today has come from skeptics of the past.


“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”.  --Edmund Burke


If Mr. Fech or Mr. Day doesn’t get the need for a primary mayoral debate, I will say one of you will go home since not having one only plays into McCue’s hand!  And then all of your hard work, your talent, your charisma, your big, genuine, honest personality will have been wasted,...I wish you more success in the future!


Bold words, perhaps.  Arrogant maybe.


Larry the cable guy always says," GET'RR DONE ".




Another disappoint is that Brookfield, which many people in Cudahy think we can become just like them, will have three Mayoral Debates.  One by the My Community NOW and one by the Brookfield Chamber of Commerce.


January 20 Mayor Candidate Forum Recap

There are two more public candidate forums before the February 16 primary.


Tuesday, January 26, 2010 - The Greater Brookfield Chamber of Commerce and NOW Newspapers Mayoral Candidate Forum, 6:30 PM, Municipal Courtroom, Brookfield Safety Building on Calhoun Road.


But Cudahy will have none!  The MJS Now must think Cudahy is just too small when it comes to advertising dollars.  That’s what very little to NO (the McCue Way) development gets us!



I wish I could, but we just no longer have the staffing for this kind of thing.


As you know, we stopped covering Cudahy and the rest of the South Shore nearly a year ago because of staffing cuts.  I’m afraid we just don’t have the resources to cover this election at NOW Newspapers.


Sad!!!  Maybe they are right, but it is a sad thing not to cover the South Shore communities.  (Maybe another blog topic will be an email campaign to the MJS to restore the South Shore.)


And where is the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce?  Silent & Absent!!!



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