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Reader January Emails

Cudahy, Development, Email, McCue

Here are some emails from readers and my answers in blue.


Listening to the Mayor talk about blight in the city makes me chuckle.  What is being done about the empty lots?  Why do they get free passes on how they look?  Grass, weeds, garbage and such.


Randy I am all for cleanup Cudahy like the junk cars and so, but come on having someone go out and measure the grass height.  What is next an ordnance requiring people to wash their cars? 


I think the grass height ordinance is a good thing for Cudahy, but you are right, it is not fairly done when looking at the empty lots.


I like your funny snarky sarcasm with the washing of cars.  I could see it now.  “We cannot have your dirty vehicle in the driveway, please wash it”!  And to top it off, written on the back window in the dirt “Wash Me!”.  



Randy what was the results of the Fire Department Tri-data study before you get all happy to merge South Milwaukee with Cudahy?


It was that the combining city department would have to hire 4 more firemen and response time would go down by a minute.


I have not seen the results, but have talked to some firefighters about it.  I do support combining the municipal judges of Cudahy and South Milwaukee.



Randy, McCue in 2007 told the Cudahy residents the following:


Payday Loan Stores: These stores are a sign of distress not progress for a community. 


Used Car Lots:  Cudahy has too many used car lots, especially on Packard Avenue.


Auto Zone: Once elected as your Mayor, the City of Cudahy will no longer settle for second best


Get It Now, more bars and I heard McCue wanted to approve another used car lot!  Talk about “the City of Cudahy will no longer settle for second best”, we are with this Mayor!


If that is the best the CDA, CC, Mayor, and economic leader can offer, get rid of them all!


Talk about settling for less than what Cudahy is.


You bring up all good points and again show Mayor McCue’s failed 2007 campaign promises.




Randy, I was talking to an alderperson and they said they hate it that Mayor McCue will not adjure and meeting to the next day when it gets late and they feel they just vote to get it over with.  Have you heard this?


No, I haven’t heard this, but it would not surprise me!

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