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No and NO!

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Still waiting to hear back from a few more places, but I don’t think a Primary Mayoral Debate will happen.




Mr. Hollenbeck,


Thank you for contacting us.  Unfortunately, we simply don't have the staff or resources to stage a political forum on this type.


Dave Edwards

Director / General Manager





Mr. Hollenbeck,


Historically, the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce has allowed various candidates to make presentations to the members at our regular monthly meetings. The three mayoral candidates spoke at our January 13th meeting.  Therefore, we would not be interested in another forum for these candidates.  Incidentally, the three judicial candidates will present at our February meeting.  It will be held at the K-Ranch on "Wednesday, February 10, 2010 at noon.  You are certainly invited to attend as a guest.


We do appreciate your interest in the Chamber.  If you have any other questions or need more information, please email or call.




Don Stewart, Treasurer

Cudahy Chamber of Commerce

3569 E. Barnard Ave.

Cudahy, WI  53110

414 483-8615






Few thoughts…


It would probably be easy to set up, but you will I am sure, get the most gas from the McCue camp.


You would need a location for the debate, which you could probably get at the Library.  The problem may be with liability insurance incase something happens, but that would be the only snag I see on getting a building.


Second, you need someone who can moderate, and be impartial.


Third, you need to get the candidates to agree on a format.  Example:  Debate to be 1 to 1-2 hours, ask 9 to 10 questions (submitted or non submitted by audience), pick order and rolling order so each one goes first,  give them 3-5 minutes for opening statement, and 3-5 minutes for closing statement.


Could the Neighborhood watch sponsor a mayoral debate?


That would be a great idea of a group to sponsor.  In the last election they did have each of the candidates come in last time and talk, not so much in a debate form, but give a small speech, and then they did some questions and answers (not so much a debate).


Readers comments…


Driving around Cudahy I see more McCue signs on vacant lots. (Penn. Ave.)

I thought a "yard sign" meant YARD....not LOT.

Or is McCue again, just too lazy to actually go from house to house and ASK to put up a sign.  OR did no one really want a yard sign and he ended up with too many, so he just put them up where ever.

Shame on him.




Comments you might have missed from a reader….


Cudahy One


Wednesday Jan 27, 2010 11:39 AM


No great surprise that no debates.  The excuse we have for a newspaper in this area does not surprise me that their is NO coverage of this race.


It is bad that either the camp of Mr.'s Fech nor Day could come up with a way to force one out there, prior to the primary.  This will lead to one of them not making it into the next round. Both camps appear silent, and the Chicago Style Political Machine of Mayor Ryan McCue rolls on.


McCue owns the Kelly center (those little old ladies think he is sooo cute!) so it should come as no surprise they would protect their pretty boy. Anyone from the League of Women Voters (not sure if they even exist anymore), who would referee a debate is probably pretty close to 90 years old now, and the Southshore Republican Club (previous sponsor of a debate), probably has 2 or 3 members left (again if they even exist).  The Chamber, under President Glowacki (who is playing both sides of the fence in this election [watch your back Tony!], would have no interest in holding a debate. Glowacki kissed McCue's a*** and got himself on the Police and Fire Commission (hiring our chiefs who don't live in Cudahy), so the no nothing not receptive to business president of that organization has to play both sides of the fence!


My prediction (with a low turnout in primary), MCCue 47%, Day 38%, Fech 15%.  The General Election, McCue steamrolls and spends money and wins again at either 53 or 54%.


Now, let's debate that!  Game, set match, and Cudahy is screwed once again!


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