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Why Not in Cudahy?

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Sendik's Food Markets expanding to New Berlin.


Why not in Cudahy?


Please note that this upscale food store is near…Goodwill.  Map


Can you believe that New Berlin ever let Goodwill in?  How ghastly.  Did that fit the Master Plan there?


They even have a Taco Bell, Burger King, National City, and McDonald's, oh my!!


Not a McDonald's!


Not a Taco Bell!


Not a Burger King!


I think McCue is ‘business development deaf’!


All of this development going on and none in Cudahy?


Is New Berlin more upper class, upscale than Cudahy?


Even people in South Milwaukee are glad they are not Cudahy!


Is that a positive?


From fellow blogger Wende Warren’s link


Look for the “that we are not CUDAHY


What is Mayor McCue and Lara Fritts doing to fix this?


Here is the info on the Sendik’s and Goodwill expansion!!


Sendik's Food Markets, which operates eight high-end supermarkets in the Milwaukee area, plans to add a store in New Berlin.


The 44,000-square-foot store is planned for New Berlin Plaza, 3600 S. Moorland Road, and is expected to open by Nov. 1, reports Jane Ford-Stewart at New Berlin


Sendik's has a store and corporate headquarters in Whitefish Bay, and stores in Elm Grove, Germantown, Franklin, Greenfield, Grafton, Mequon and Wauwatosa.  The chain is owned by members of the Balistreri family.


Another family branch owns a Sendik's Fine Foods at 18985 W. Capitol Drive, Brookfield, and closed a store last summer at The Shoppes of Wyndham Village, in Franklin.  Yet another family branch owns three Sendik's stores in Bayside, Brookfield and Milwaukee, while the Shorewood Sendik's is owned by John and Anne Nehring.


New Berlin — A proposal to open a Sendik's Food Market at the New Berlin Plaza, 3600 S. Moorland Road, is on its way to the Common Council for final approval Tuesday.


Both the New Berlin Plan Commission and Architectural Review Committee on Monday approved plans to remodel the building that has held a Lang Company store and Goodwill store.  The Lang store is now closed and Goodwill will move to an addition to be built onto the north end of the building.  Three homes along Coffee Road will be razed to make room for the addition.


The 44,000-square-foot Sendik's store is expected to open Nov. 1, said developer Greg Devorkin, of Devo Management of Mequon.  The store will be about the average size for a Sendik's, he said.  The upscale grocery store will include have a liquor department.


Remodeling will start in late February or early March. The exterior will tie into the existing façade, Devorkin said.


Sendik's has a store and corporate headquarters in Whitefish Bay, and stores in Elm Grove, Germantown, Franklin, Greenfield, Grafton, Mequon and Wauwatosa.


The hours of operation will be 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sendik's will hire about 70 full-time employees and 80 part-time workers.


The plans also call for adding 22 parking spaces for the grocery store and 101 more to serve the new Goodwill store.  That store is slated to open Sept. 1, Devorkin said.


The name of the New Berlin Plaza would change to Sendik's New Berlin Plaza.


The freestanding businesses, including Taco Bell, Burger King, National City and McDonald's, will not be affected, Devorkin said.  The developer already controls the homes that will be razed.


Commission member Marta Broge said she hopes the farmers market that is held at the plaza by the New Berlin Chamber of Commerce can continue to operate.


"It is a nice thing for New Berlin," she said.


The chamber has not yet contacted the developer about the market, Devorkin said.


Source: New Berlin Now

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