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Why Not In Cudahy Part 2

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From Comments on Why Not in Cudahy Part 1


Cudahy One




Spot on once again!  See, it just shows you what we get for about $225k in salary and benefits for the Mayor and our Director of Economic Development.

N O T H I N G!!!


These folks couldn't land a water stand business in the middle of a rain forest!


Time to send McCue packing, and Lara, right along with him!




I think you would run out of bandwidth trying to post all the new development properties around Milwaukee that are not coming to Cudahy.


Everyone must agree that there is a problem here in Cudahy.  The previous approach has not worked.


I really wish a business owner in Cudahy that supports the current administration would prepare a statement.  For that matter anyone of those residents that reside on Packard or Lake Drive that have a McCue sign in their yard and then several doors down a house or apartment that’s been on the market since summer or longer.  I really want to know what progress has been made, but no one will tell me.  Is it a secret or has there been none.




Reader email -


If you’ve been out to Monkey Joes like I have, then maybe you will be excited about a new, indoor bounce house play place that is coming soon.  Unfortunately another store that isn’t going to open in Cudahy.





More reader email




Instead of Ms. Fritts worrying about getting raises for her interns, she should be getting her hands dirty and try an honest hard days work of vying for companies to come to Cudahy that have no need for the KRM.  She just doesn’t seem to be worth her $94,000 price tag after benefits.  She costs more than some larger cities city admins and what has she to show for it?


Why hasn’t see posted where she is in turning around the resident to business tax ratio? 


How many of the 5,400 retailers and restaurants in the database from the marketing survey have her and her two interns contacted?  Why is that info not on her website?


Pizza chain seeks its Wisconsin debut in West Allis


Where was Ms. Fritts on this and why didn’t Cudahy get it?





I am sorry Lara Fritts has had enough time now, if you cannot produce in a year, what good are you?  Even Obama is not dragging his hit (feet) as much as this local administration is.


I like Lara, but her pay is way out of a line with little to no results to show for it.


Someone at the neighbor watch asked me to write some good positive stories on Cudahy.  I told them, give me some, and show me some!  I am not negative or pessimistic, I am a realistic.  I don’t believe in sugar coating, spinning things positive.  Things are what they are!


And don’t let the last 6-9 months of McCue working hard be how you view his time in office.  Don’t most professional athletes in the last year of their contract have stellar years only to sign a contract extension and become the biggest flop or coast?


The good Brett Favre that we all love once said on TV that there is no such thing, as now that we are in the playoffs I will give 100% because that just means throughout the season you were not giving 100%!


Think about it!


You cannot turn nothing into lemonade.  You must have something to do that!


The Market Retail Analysts told us what we need:


McCue would have been a better Mayor had he seen things how they truly are instead of how he wished them to be!


I highlighted some areas including Mayor McCue’s oh now I see clearly what Cudahy needs – Translation Cudahy will not get a Wal-Mart because I don’t want one regardless of what this expensive survey (common sense already told us before the survey what it would be).  I am SHOCKED!  Shocked I tell you!


“Common sense is not so common” –Voltaire


See our eye-popping list bellow!


  Retail Market Analysis Report Identifies Locations, Retailers for Potential Development

Submitted By Rachel Mosey


Posted: Nov. 2, 2009 12:14 p.m.


Cudahy shoppers want more restaurants, department stores and home improvement stores and they are currently spending enough money to support those additional businesses.  In addition, there are a number of national and regional retailers that should have interest in bringing development to Cudahy.  Those are the major findings of the retail market analysis conducted over the spring and summer.


The analysis found General Mitchell International Airport to the west and Lake Michigan to the east restrict the demand for retail goods and services in the city.  Still, there is room to add large anchor retailers as well as smaller scale stores, full-service family restaurants and fast-food restaurants.


Maryland-based Basile Baumann Prost Cole & Associates, Inc. (BBPC Associates) conducted the retail market analysis.  It included a review of consumer demographics, a study of existing retailers and business traffic within a five-mile radius of Cudahy and surrounding Southshore communities, interviews with real estate professionals and a shopper survey of 200 Cudahy residents and non-residents.


These exercises helped BBPC Associates identify the city’s primary and secondary retail trade areas, analyze the existing demand and supply of each retail category and determine the retail gap of each category.


This report gives us priceless insight into the tremendous opportunities for successful retail development in Cudahy,” said Mayor Ryan McCue.  Now we have a clear vision, as we move forward, of what residents want and what businesses need to expand operations in Cudahy.”


In a study of existing big box retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target and Shopko in the Milwaukee regional area, the analysis showed a total retail leakage of $41 million in general merchandise stores.  That presents a major opportunity for a big box retailer – as large as 125,000 square feet -- to enter the Cudahy market area.  A big box anchor could attract smaller co-tenants to an anchored shopping center development in Cudahy.


According to the analysis, new retail projects in Cudahy may support between 250,000 and 350,000 square feet of total retail space.  The space would be comprised of big box retail, national and regional retailers and restaurants.


BBPC looked at more than 5,400 retailers and restaurants to create a database of establishments likely to be interested in expanding or relocating to Cudahy,” said Director of Economic Development Lara Fritts.  “This database will be a tremendous tool to help us target and attract the best tenants for existing and future shopping centers.”


The two sites identified as prime locations for retail development in Cudahy: the Iceport site at Layton and Nicholson Avenues and the Pennsylvania Avenue/Airport site.  The report concludes that the Iceport site should be used as the primary “Village Center” retail and community project because it is more centrally located, closer to Cudahy’s residential core and major employers and the potential future rail stop.


“A new retail project worth $18 million or more is in the works for Layton and Pennsylvania,” McCue said.  “The Common Council recently approved a development agreement with Cobalt Partners of Milwaukee that includes a potential big box retailer.”


The retail market analysis makes both short-term and long-term recommendations for Cudahy’s commercial areas.  Among the suggestions: architectural façade improvements; streetscape, landscape and parking improvements; the preservation of small retail businesses and green and low-impact design features in the design of new buildings and public spaces.



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