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Kevin Fech, Candidate For Mayor Of Cudahy

2010 Election, Cudahy, Kevin Fech

Kevin Fech, Candidate For Mayor Of Cudahy





I have been a homeowner in Cudahy for about 20 years.  I am married with three children in the Cudahy School system.  I am currently on the Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities and the Cudahy-St Francis Little Baseball Association boards.  I have been in the transportation industry for almost 25 years.  I started working the dock and driving a truck.  I have worked my way up to Director of Operations.


Like you, 2009 has been a trying year economically for our family.  I took a pay cut to ensure the long-term viability of the company that I work for.  I fight with the insurance companies to ensure coverage for my son who has a duel diagnosis of Down syndrome and Autism.  I’m an assistant coach for my son & daughter’s baseball and softball teams and I helped implement a Challenger Division baseball team for children with special needs in Cudahy.  I also attend PTA meetings and have volunteered to set up and run a fundraiser.  I believe that volunteering gives me a sense of promoting my community pride by working with others within the community.


I have no ties to the current administration.  I have no ties to any past administration.  I am coming into this race because I believe that it is time to have the people truly have a say in what is being done in their local government.  While I am a tax-paying resident of Cudahy, as Mayor, it is not only about what I want for Cudahy, but what the people want.  We must work together.


In my first year in office, I would like to see 50% of the vacant stores on Packard Ave. and in the Packard Plaza filled with a business that the citizens of Cudahy will support.  Putting a business in place that the citizens will not support is setting that business up for failure.  Since there has been a survey done on what the people of Cudahy would like to see, we must use that as a guide for the success of not only Cudahy, but for businesses as well.


I hear about many things that are “in the pipeline.”  Once elected I would find out where these businesses are with respect to their relocation plans in Cudahy.  I understand the need for confidentiality, however, the citizens of Cudahy are entitled to know what businesses are considering Cudahy for their home and where they are considering residing.  For instance, I want to know that five businesses have looked at 123 South Packard Avenue within the past 30 days.  It is important to me that the people of Cudahy are informed on the activities in their community.


With all of the talk of Federal and State dollars being frozen in the near future, the only way for me and the rest of the citizens of Cudahy to ease the tax burden is to increase the tax base.  This must be our top priority.


I would then review the progress of the land surveys that have been conducted by this administration on both on Layton Avenue and on Pennsylvania Avenue.  This would be the measurement tool used to determine the length of time that would realistically be needed to complete the land development plan.  I do not want to promise something that I don’t believe can happen in my first year in office.


In thinking outside the box, I would like to see our schools offer something unique, something that would make people really look at how Cudahy is trying to attract new families to promote home ownership.  I have mentioned to Jim Heiden, Cudahy School District Superintendent, and the idea of adding an Asian language to the elementary school curriculum.  This would not only be something that would truly benefit our children for future success in the world, but I believe, would also make us a more competitive school district.


Just as I would expect the citizens and business owners of Cudahy to challenge me as Mayor, I will also challenge all of you to share your ideas on how we can work together to make Cudahy THE community that people want to spend their precious time and money in.  The success of Cudahy is not only based on the elected officials, but more so, on each and every business owner, home owner, tax payer AND citizen in this community. 


Remember, every elected and government official in this community was put there by you, the people of Cudahy and are responsible to the people of Cudahy.  We must all work together to ensure success in Cudahy!  Just as I was told in school - the only dumb question is the one not asked, the only dumb idea is the one not proposed.


If anybody has any questions, would like a yard sign, to make a donation or to volunteer, please feel free to contact me at (414) 517-9566 or 


You can also go to for more of my ideas on how I intend to make Cudahy a better place for everyone.




I am Kevin Fech, Working With You and Working For You To Tap Cudahy’s Potential…Please Vote For Me on Tuesday, February 16th!

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