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Why Vote For Kevin Fech For Cudahy Mayor

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You may remember in my blog post “Let's Fix Cudahy” I told you why you should not vote to reelect Mayor Ryan McCue.  I also told you that I would do separate posts on why to vote for Kevin Fech or Tony Day.


Here is the first on Kevin Fech and Tony Day’s will be tomorrow. 


These are just my opinions.


First off, Kevin Fech is a straightforward person and is the “Common” man of Cudahy. 


He has no ties or allegiance to the current administration or to any past administration.  So in essence, he doesn’t owe anyone favors!


Remember when others say he lacks experience…what has experience gotten them in the past?


He believes in open communication and real dialog between the city, its citizens, and local businesses!  Not just lip service, there will be real dialog.


He believes that a Mayor’s whereabouts should always be known and with the Mayor’s job being a full time job, it is important to go to the people and the local businesses.


He doesn’t put personal issues in front of the betterment of the city.


He is very concerned about crime in Cudahy and comes to the neighbor watch meetings.


He will not run a negative campaign and should be praised for it, even if it costs him the election for not going after his opponents when he sees faults.


He fully understands that the Mayor is the biggest and best cheerleader for the city and he champions local businesses.


He wants to change Cudahy’s perceived image with daily or weekly Cudahy positive stories no matter how small they seem, they are important.  Sometimes the small things are the most important things in life.


He wants to see things move from the pipeline into reality!


He wants others to be accountable for their jobs and actions or inactions.


He thinks that no idea should be easily disregarded.


He is a fiscally conservative person who understands that taxes get paid by the citizens and businesses of Cudahy.  He doesn’t like to waste money or do things more than once just to do them.


He needs your vote!  Cudahy needs your vote!  We cannot take 3 more years of the same!


If anybody has any questions, would like a yard sign, to make a donation or to volunteer, please feel free to contact Kevin Fech at (414) 517-9566 or


You can also go to for information!


Please Vote For Kevin Fech on Tuesday, February 16th!

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