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Why Vote For Tony Day For Cudahy Mayor

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You may remember in my blog post “Let's Fix Cudahy” I told you why you should not vote to reelect Mayor Ryan McCue.  I also told you that I would do separate posts on why to vote for Kevin Fech or Tony Day.


Here is the Tony Day’s “Why Vote For Tony Day For Cudahy Mayor”


These are just my opinions.


Someone is very concerned that Tony Day could win the Mayoral election, so there have been so many rumors to which I exposed and dismissed!


Tony Day is very pro-business and understands that development is a key ingredient missing in Cudahy.


He is worried why there was such an exodus of department heads just after Mayor McCue took office.


He is concerned why Cudahy could not find good people for City Management that would either already live in Cudahy or move to Cudahy.


Mr. Day feels the city would be better of having the Mayor be part time and hiring a qualified City Administrator.


He sees the need to help restore the downtown to a place people want to travel to and not from.


Fixing the stagnant development in Cudahy will have positive ripple effects in the city including a reduction of crime and a return of people back to Cudahy.


He wants to revitalize the neighborhoods and feels Cudahy is a very good place to live and he has been a lifelong Cudahy resident.  He is not a Johnny come lately.


He brings many years of business and management experience to the job of Mayor.  Important skill sets to move Cudahy forward.


Tony Day is a fiscal conservative and believes in fiscal responsibility for all of Cudahy’s city positions, most importantly the Mayor’s job.


He has an excellent working relationship with the Cudahy Chamber of Commerce.


You can also go to for information!


If you like what you have read here, then Tony needs your vote!


Please Vote For Tony Day on Tuesday, February 16th!


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