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Updated 11:15pm - Tentative Cudahy Mayoral Primary Debate Scheduled For Friday February 12th

2010 Election, Cudahy, Debates



Plans are coming together to have a Cudahy Mayoral Primary Debate scheduled for Friday February 12th 2010 at 7:00pm at the Cudahy Middle School auditorium.


This is the format that we are looking at for the debate and it could change.  I will keep you attuned to the final details.


Photographer Charles Auer formally of the CNI/My Community Now would be the moderator.  He lives in Cudahy.


Zach Wisniewski of Cudahy will pick the questions and I will find the panel.


If you are a Cudahy homeowner, Cudahy renter or Cudahy business owner who lives in Cudahy and would like to be one of the panelist to ask questions to the mayoral candidates please email me at 


Two Rounds for a total time of 1.5 hours


Candidates will not see the questions in advance.  Only the main topic will be known!


Sitting order for the candidates will be picked out of a hat in front of the audience that day.  The candidate on the audience’s left side will be number one and will start first.  Left to right.


Each candidate will get a chance to answer the same question and once the candidates have finished answering the question, each candidate will get a thirty-second rebuttal.  Again, starting with candidate number 1.  Left to right.


Candidates do not need to use up all of the allotted time if they choose not to or if the question’s answer doesn’t warrant it.


Prior to the start of the rounds, each candidate will be given two minutes for opening statements.


Total time (2 minutes x 3 candidates) = 6 minutes


Each candidate will be given one-minute answers for each question, thirty-second rebuttals to follow once each candidate has a chance to answer the question.


Round One (approximately 45mins):  It consists of questions, three (3) questions from the moderator and two (2) questions from each of the three (3) panelists. 


(Panelists will consist of a Cudahy Business Owner, a Cudahy Homeowner, and a Cudahy Renter)


Total time (3 questions x 3 candidates x 1.50 answer time) + (2 questions x 3 panelists x 3 candidates x 1.50 answer time)


(13.5 mins + 27 mins) = 40.5 minutes for 9 questions


Round Two (approximately 45mins): This will be the high point of the forum when the candidates will be allowed a “crossfire round,” providing them confrontations via the face-to-face opportunity to ask another candidate a question and then be allowed a rebuttal.


Again, starting with candidate number 1.  Left to right.


At the end, each candidate will be given a two-minute closing statement/final thought.


Total time (2 minutes x 3 candidates) = 6 minutes



Updates -


I have confirmations from Cudahy Mayoral Candidates Tony Day and Kevin Fech they will be in attendance for the debate. 


I am waiting to hear back from Mayor McCue if he will be in attendance.  When I talked to him last night on the phone, this date was workable.  I just need confirmation it will work for him.


I am waiting for confirmation on the availability of the auditorium at Cudahy Middle School for next week Friday at 7pm.   


I am also waiting to find out if the Cudahy High School has a countdown clock / stopwatch that they use for the debate club/debate team/forensics meets for us to use.




 Update 12:27pm


The Middle School is available on Friday





Update 12:36pm


We have one of our panelists – Cudahy business owner that lives in Cudahy, Kevin Tschol of Dad's Shop in Cudahy




Update 1:20pm


Zach Wisniewski has come up with an awesome main topic of:

"A safe and prosperous Cudahy,"




Update 11:15pm


We have our Cudahy homeowner panelist, Lisa Flowers.  We still need a Cudahy renter to come forward.


I would like to thank everyone in advance for all the work that comes into the debate and for their time and efforts!


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