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Mayor McCue Will NOT Attend Friday's Debate!

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Mr. Hollenbeck,


Thank you for your offer to participate in your debate this Friday.  I must respectfully decline this opportunity because of my long-standing position not to participate in debates that are organized by individuals that openly support any of the declared candidates. 


Your suggestion to me to get a “Pro McCue” renter for the panel moderators underscores  my point.  I am willing to participate in debates where the moderator(s) and/or panelist(s) are unbiased, which clearly is not the case in your debate.   I would gladly accept your assistance, however in getting a neutral party, such as the League of Women Voters, to organize a debate amongst all of the mayoral candidates.


In the meantime, I will continue to meet with residents by going door-to-door and sharing my platform of bringing new businesses to Cudahy, improving public safety, controlling government spending and eliminating blighted properties.  Based on the feedback thus far, people are pleased with my record of leadership and holding the line on taxes, especially in these troubling economic times.


Again, thank you for your interest in this election and I look forward to working with you in the future to make Cudahy an even better community. 



Mayor Ryan McCue




Ryan McCue



Mr. McCue,


While it saddens me that you will not participate, it doesn’t come as a shock after you played the game of, I don’t remember telling you Friday.  I only said for you to pick a pro McCue person after you kept crying foul that it will not be fair.  There will be no one there that likes me made me feel pity, so I offered it.  I know Mr. Fech and Mr. Day would not be afraid of the two questions your pick would offer!


But again, you were not attending in the first place!


I know the format scares you and you made it very clear that you want it to be outside Cudahy people, again another sign of being scared!  Another sign that Cudahy real voters scare you!


You were not going to attend in the first place so just drop the pretence!  You are doing a disservice to the Cudahy voters for not attending and it will be noted!


There is no time to get another debate setup before the primary election and you know that!


I like the based on your feedback people are pleased, if you hear and see what you want, that is what you have.  It is a shame you could not put it to a test and answered a few questions from the voters and the candidates.  I am sure the people the other two candidates have talked to are not all pleased with you.


Randy Hollenbeck



One more thing.  Life isn’t fair Mr. McCue!  It isn’t fair that you have not lived up to your 2007 campaign promises.  It isn’t fair that you have given NO 2010 campaign promises.  It isn’t fair that you are using the H1N1 and Cudahy fire preparedness since Carol Wantuch, Cudahy Health Officer is the one that should get the credit!  It isn’t fair for the Cudahy voters not to be able to ask questions.


This debate is real!  This is reality that the rest of us live in.  I am saddened but not shocked that you will not join the real debate and choose to stomp your feet and throw a temper tantrum over how unfair this debate is.  It is reality and you cannot ask for a fairer thing!


If people are so pleased with your record, please come and defend it to the Cudahy voters!


This is not my debate, this is the Cudahy Community debate for the voters of Cudahy.  This was quickly put together after the first one was canceled for some unknown reason and rescheduled after the primary election.  This is the world we live in and this debate is real.


I do openly support others and so do many of the voters, so maybe in your world they shouldn’t have a voice and maybe they shouldn’t get a vote!  That is elitist talk!



Randy Hollenbeck

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