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Should Elected Officials be Drug Tested?

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The “Employee Handbook” has been reviewed and advised by both the city attorney and labor attorney throughout the process, I was told by Mayor McCue.  Along with input from the Development Committee which was Mayor Ryan McCue, City Attorney Paul Eberhardy, Director of Office Services Carolyn Toms-Neary and Director of Economic Development Lara Fritts.  Please give them all thanks for their efforts. 


I have talked about the Employee Handbook for a few years now especially when talking about the city use vehicle policy and log, the credit card usage and cell phone usage.  


I do marvel that Mayor McCue almost two years ago told me it would be done just before the 2010 election.  Congratulations on that feat!  Timing is perfect!  It must be a whopper of a handbook to take almost three years.  Especially when most of it I was told has come directly from other cities. 


I just wonder in the new Employee Handbook that is current awaiting review and approval from the Personnel Committee, if there is any mention of elected officials including the Mayor’s position.


I also wonder if it touches on the elected officials being drug tested.  Currently, they are not.  I do not know if other cities are doing it either.  Maybe someone knows out there, but I think they should be tested.


Please let Cudahy be the leader when it comes to drug testing elected officials.  The public needs the most trust it can get from the public servants and having a drug free government is an important step forward.


So this goes out to the Personnel Committee, please don’t rush this important document on political pressure and make sure there are mentions of elected officials including the Mayor’s position.  PLEASE make sure drug testing elected officials is in there.  I see no reason why they should not be tested, unless there is something to hide.  How does not having a drug testing policy affect insurance and other city items?  It is in the public’s best interest to have them drug tested, so make sure it is in there.  Don’t pass it without.


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