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I Hope Cudahy's Director of Economic Development, Lara Fritts, is Calling On This!

Cudahy, Development

Ashley Furniture plans to open 300 small stores


Ashley Furniture hopes to open 300 new small-concept franchise stores this year, the Arcadia-based manufacturer announced this week.


The stores will offer furniture at a single price - for example, all sofas for $399, rugs for $99, or five-piece dining room sets for $399.


The line will be different from what is offered in Ashley Homestores, and the prices are at the low end of merchandise typically found in the larger Ashley stores.


Ashley unveiled its 5,000-square-foot low-price store model at the Furniture Market in Las Vegas this week, and has had a strong response from potential franchisees around the country, said Kerry Lebensburger, president of sales for Ashley.


Despite the small size of the new stores, they are designed to hold a substantial amount of furniture, Lebensburger said.


"We've developed a concept to use vertical height," Lebensburger explained.


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I Hope Cudahy’s Director of Economic Development Lara Fritts is calling about this to market Cudahy to Ashley Furniture and sell them on building one of these new stores in Cudahy!  After all, didn’t the market retail survey say we need something like this?


I will even save Ms. Fritts or her interns the trouble of looking up Ashley Furniture’s contact information.


Ashley Furniture Industries, Inc.

1 Ashley Way

Arcadia, WI 54612

Phone: 608-323-3377

Fax: 608-323-6008


 Owner  Stan  Meyer

 President Ashley Sales Division Kerry Lebensburg...

 President  Kurt  Haines

 Owner  Michael  Jedlowski

 Owner  Brian  Campbell

 Chairman  Ronald G  Wanek

 Chief Financial Officer  Troy  Muller

 Owner  Jimmy  Eaves

 Owner  Tom  Weigland

 Owner  Stanley A  Goldenburg

 Owner  Gene  Lyons

 Owner  Gregory  Hunt

 Owner  Rich  Stevens

 Owner  Bob  Blalock

 Owner  Kevin  Sargent

 Owner  Jim  Spencer

 Owner  Ryan  Van Zee

 Owner  Shane  Frances

 Owner  Victor  Nix

 Owner  Lamar  Campbell

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