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Correcting Some Slight Errors to Remember the Past before Voting for the Future

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I’ve picked apart the “Your Stories” article titled ‘Remember the Past before Voting for the Future’ from CudahyNow, as it is a fountain of misinformation and an attempt to discredit Tony Day and puff up Mayor McCue without uttering his name.  It is bending the reality curve upward past the breaking point in attempting to make lies turn into truths.  It is full of half-truths and fabrications.  You have to ask yourself why someone would twist the truth when convenient.  However, this question is largely political and I expect many people don't want their political agenda disturbed by facts.


Smell that boys?  Absolute fear from the McCue supporters.  Who’s hell bent on clinging to power at all costs.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Passionate and opinionated people who have strong opinions, lets just hope they are based in facts and not fiction.  Yes, it's all wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.


But I fear we are squeaking like little lost mice in the dark ...Against this Chicago Machine!


Before you start waving your arms and shouting alarm.  The statements should be treated with caution.  There are mostly balls and a few strikes.  Beware of those that trim facts to fit wants instead of needs or truth.  But the status quo always has defenders.


The black bullet points are directly from the article, my comments are in BLUE.



  • He was a staunch supporter and voted countless times for the Ice Port while serving on the Community Development Authority (CDA).  YES, that is a fact and while Mayor McCue was an alderman at the same time, he supported it as well!  What happened, happened.  Now it's time to move on.  Learn from it and make the necessary corrections so it doesn't happen again and vow to do the due diligence forever.  Everything makes sense after the fact in seeing the future.  You can move forward or live in the past, but you cannot do both.


  • His cronies that brought Cudahy the Ice Port i.e. Ray Glowacki and Jack Vaccarro are working behind the scenes to get Tony into office and will pull his strings if he gets into office.  Well not exactly, correct.  Ray and Jack are working for Tony Day’s campaign yes; they are straightforward about it.  Plus Mayor McCue in the past has had Ray Glowacki help him out during his term and the Ice Port was selected because it fit the Master Plan at the time.  Please don’t forget that!


  • As a banker, Tony failed to make sure the Ice Port folks had the money, which they didn’t and Cudahy found out the hard way.  Yes, the whole CDA, Common Council, and all the rest failed to check into that and again, don’t forget Mayor McCue was an alderman for some of that time.  If you focus too much on what you left behind, you can never look forward.


Small-minded people, who don’t look forward, always have to keep looking back.


  • Tony has made no bones about moving to Florida once his wife retires.  Not true!  Rumor, which Tony Day addresses here    If you are fishing, your stringer remains empty.  Choose what you want to hear and you will miss the truth.


“A lie told often enough becomes the truth.”  - Lenin


  • At the Chamber of Commerce debate Tony was advocating for more WHEDA funded housing which is low income housing and Cudahy already has its fair share.  No again.  False!!!  WHEDA stands for Wisconsin Housing And Economic Development Authority and is used for first time buyers.  I had a WHEDA loan and was not and am not low-income housing.  That is a scare tactic and uneducated statement!


“Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive” - Sir Walter Scott


  • On numerous occasions residents have shot down having a City Administrator and now Tony Day knows better?  That will cost taxpayers over $100,000 a year with more taxation and less representation.  This is mostly true.  Tony Day does support a City Administrator and part time Mayor with the elimination of Lara Fritts’ job of Director of Economic Development whose work would be done with the City Administrator and the CDA.  Cost of a part time Mayor with no benefits would be $33,000 compared to $62,000.  Cost of City Administrator $120,000 (remember in the past I told you McCue would love that job title and pay) and the decreases of the Director of Economic Development and interns of $100,000. So doing some quick math $33,000 + $120,000 - $100,000 = $53,000 compared to $62,000 + $80,000 = $142,000 But the numbers are not exact since total compensation is not included and we have no idea what the pay would be for the City Administrator, I took the most common dollar amount I saw.  Now important – We do lose representation with a hired position and accountability.  Which is why I am against it even when Mayor McCue talked about the idea years ago.  Many cities are moving away from City Administrators and back to full time Mayors.


Do we really want to take a step back to the good old boys era?  The days when people got a city job because they were buddies with the mayor?  I hope not.


I am not sure that doesn’t happen with the current administrator.  Remember some of the good old boys supported Mayor McCue the first time around.


I know politicians have short memories, but does the public?  McCue couldn’t remember four days before Friday that he gave me Friday as a day that worked for him for the debate.


It’s important to close strong in this particular game, because people aren’t great at remembering past performances when they vote and that is why I am here to remind you of the last three years.  Don’t let the last 6-9 months of McCue working hard be how you view his time in office.  Don’t most professional athletes in the last year of their contract have stellar years only to sign a contract extension and become the biggest flop or coast?


The good Brett Favre that we all love once said on TV that there is no such thing, as now that we are in the playoffs I will give 100% because that just means throughout the season you were not giving 100%!


Think about it!


Well, here we are - reaping what we sow.  Has McCue helped bring in manufacturing or any new jobs for that matter?  Many residents of Cudahy said they are growing impatient as they wait for his grand economic visions to translate into something tangible.


“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.”  - Alexander Hamilton


In the end, your results have to do the talking.  We cannot afford three more years of Mayor McCue and his do nothing administration.  That is why I believe anyone but McCue for Mayor.  We need people capable of seeing the signs.  If you cannot see the signs staring at you in the face are you of any use?  Both Tony Day and Kevin Fech are pro-business and McCue, well just say “Can you tell me what he has done for Cudahy?”


I am still waiting for Mayor McCue to be specific on how he is going to solve the economic problems that this city is facing.  A city overlooked by business and commercial opportunities because we lack a Mayor with leadership.


We wish we could say that all this disinformation is harmless, but there's evidence that a lot of people end up believing such nonsense.


Just remember that fantasy, ignorance, lies, hypocrisy, or fear should not replace truth and facts.  Does the original article stand on facts or something else?


Even a "Bush Republican" is better than an elitist!


Do we want someone that is only capable of doing the right thing when it benefits them like McCue does?


Do you want more of Mayor McCue and his true lack of leadership, and his total disregard for what is best for the community?


When “Who" is doing something is more important than "What" is being done, we have a problem.


If you are not going to vote for Kevin Fech, don't waste your vote on more of the same from McCue and do vote for Tony Day.


Oh, Mayor McCue you might want to look into this:


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