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Vote Tuesday for Kevin Fech for Mayor of Cudahy

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I would like to thank everybody who attended the debate on Friday night.  Close to 100 residents attended the event to hear what Tony Day and Kevin Fech had to say to the people of Cudahy.  We addressed the residents concerns in regards to the future of Cudahy.


The residents’ questions to the candidates were especially enlightening.  It shows that they want their voice to be heard in the next 3 years.  I can not agree more with them.  While I am a resident of Cudahy, I have a voice to be heard, as well.  But as Mayor of Cudahy, I would have the responsibility of acting in the citizen's best interests.


I am asking for your vote this Tuesday, February 16th.  I hope you choose to vote for me, Kevin Fech for Mayor of Cudahy, however, if you choose not to vote for me, I still encourage you to vote and let your voice be heard!


Thank you,


Kevin Fech


Mayoral Candidate for the people of Cudahy




This is an email I received after the debate.  Remember we have elections and go through the process and don’t just award it to people.  Only 20-25% of those eligible to vote will on Tuesday.  It doesn’t matter who has the most signs or who did better in the debate, or who didn’t bother to show up to the debate, but whose camp is hungry enough to come out for their candidate and vote!


Randy thanks for putting on the debate it was better than not having one.  I did have a lot of questions to ask McCue, but I really didn’t think he would have come no matter what you did to please him!


I have to say, I came to the event a Day supporter and left a Fech supporter.  Either one would be better than McCue.  McCue has not looked out for the best interest of the city at all.  I am glad you have your blog and you take your time to do it since you don’t get any money to do it.


I wish Mr. Fech the best and just wish he would have gotten in the race ealier like Day did so people would have met him in better weather conditions.  He is a nice guy and if he and McCue move on, McCue will crush him with dirty tricks.

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