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Dissecting Mayor Ryan McCue's Re-election Flyer Part 1

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Okay it was smart of Mayor Ryan McCue to get this out two weeks prior to the primary election, so let’s give him kudos on the time.  Very effective!


Now let’s start with the front.


Dear Neighbor,


I’d like to thank you for the opportunity you’ve given me to serve this great city.  We’ve successfully weathered some tough times together including the Patrick Cudahy fire, economic crises, and H1N1 outbreak.  Together you and I have managed these issues, yet we both now that Cudahy still faces many tough challenges ahead.  That’s why I’m asking you to help me win a second term.  So that we can continue driving our strategies to create jobs, support local business, improve our education system and promote the historic traditions of Cudahy.  I’m asking your support to continue serving this community, in a job I love.




Ryan McCue


Sounds really good. 


“So that we can continue driving our strategies…”


But it prompts questions of:


What have been the strategies?  Specifically to create jobs, support local business, improve our education system and promote the historic traditions of Cudahy?


The front statement has more questions and no answers.  So we turn to the back for specifics and answers.


It starts out with “In times of trial… …we need leadership that’s proven!”  Proven what?  What leadership? 


Again, more questions!  Let’s dig into the meat of it.  My comments will be in blue under each item.



Management Expertise


  • Response to Patrick Cudahy fire hailed as a premier example of emergency preparedness

Wait a minute.  Hold the horses.  Carol Wantuch, Cudahy Health Officer, just went over this at the 1/27/10 Neighborhood Watch Meeting at Cudahy Library.  It was her actions, which started in 1999 (was McCue around in 1999?  Was he living in the city?) whom deserves the credit, not Mayor McCue!


  • Recognized as the Wisconsin model for disaster preparedness training and emergency response

Wait a minute.  Hold the horses.  Carol Wantuch, Cudahy Health Officer deserves the credit again, not Mayor McCue


  • Disaster  preparedness training and emergency response drills

I am sounding like a CD skipping.  Carol Wantuch, Cudahy Health Officer deserves the credit again, not Mayor McCue.  Isn’t that just about what it states in the bullet above?  No wait the word drills was added.  How much did McCue do or this?  Not much.


  • Recruited and hired the best and the brightest Police and Fire Chiefs, Directors of Office Services, Public Works and Economic Development

Okay, none of them live in the City of Cudahy.  None of them chose to move to Cudahy after they were hired.  How about we put a residency restriction in for all future hires and fix Cudahy so the people we do hire will move here.  Let’s work on bringing up our schools’ test scores and get Chinese Mandarin in the Cudahy schools at all levels, work harder on reducing crime, lower our taxes, bring in business to fill up the vacancies, reduce the amount of total renters, and work smarter on fixing our infrastructure.  If we do all that, concentrate really hard, our future hires in Department Heads, and Police & Fire Chiefs, and other important positions will want to move to Cudahy.  Cudahy is like the Green Bay Packers were in the 1980’s.  No players want to come to the Packers and teams would use the threat of a trade to the Packers to fix contract negotiations.  If we get the right Mayor (GM and Head Coach) to turn the city (team) around people will want to come.


  • Coordinated public H1N1 clinics for area residents

What?????????  I didn’t see McCue down there the two days I was there with my daughter.  Again, the credit should go to Carol Wantuch, Cudahy Health Officer.  Funny I don’t remember McCue giving me the shot or seeing him doing any.  Maybe someone saw him doing shots.  Anyone?  Wow… McCue is quite sad and low to take credit of the coordination of the swine flu clinics.  Maybe I should have emailed him about them instead of Carol Wantuch.  All of this is in his mind and that is scary!


It is pathetic, but predictable, that McCue uses Cudahy tragedies to promote political agendas.  What we don't need is mealy mouthed politician trying to make political gain from a tragedy.


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