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Should You Trust Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson Endorsement of Mayor McCue

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Ninety percent of the politicians give the other ten percent a bad reputation. - Henry A. Kissinger


Should you trust Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson when he tells you what Mayor McCue accomplished during his term when most of it happened in the last six months? 


It’s not what you do on a good day; it’s what you do on a bad day that is important.


To me that begs the question of, “What did Mayor McCue do as mayor for the other two and half years”?


This bears repeating, I am here to remind you of the last three years.  Don’t let the last 6-9 months of McCue working hard be how you view his time in office.  Don’t most professional athletes in the last year of their contract have stellar years only to sign a contract extension and become the biggest flop or coast?


The good Brett Favre that we all love once said on TV that there is no such thing, as now that we are in the playoffs I will give 100% because that just means throughout the season you were not giving 100%!


Think about it!


Besides Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson to me doesn’t seem all that trustworthy given the fact he doesn’t want Open Records requests done on Mayor McCue and he was very condescending in an effort to do so.  Neither Robert Goss nor I ever received an apology from Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson or Mayor McCue for the tone and statements in the email!  That speaks volumes on them and McCue’s administration!


For a reminder I have included the email Robert Goss sent me on Thu 5/14/2009 4:09 PM from Cudahy Comptroller Jim Williamson. 


Keep in mind that part of the job a City Clerk does is to handle open records requests and watch the tone Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson uses to talk back to City Clerk Robert Goss.  Is it professional?  Or is it elitists as if to say, “You peasants and your annoying requests.  Why can't you be happy with what you already have, peasant?”


Do Mr. Williamson’s words come at you like poking a sharp object in your eye over and over again or are they professional like what you would expect from someone in the power of authority and respect?


I highlighted the portion that is most important and will let you judge for yourself if the endorsement of Cudahy Comptroller James Williamson for Mayor McCue is a good thing or not!


From Robert Goss [gossr@CI.CUDAHY.WI.US]

Thu 5/14/2009 4:09 PM


Mr. Hollenbeck,

Per your open records request:


I received the following from Cudahy Comptroller Jim Williamson:


Hi Rob, Re your questions.  #1.  The treasurer is the person that receives revenue so, if anyone should have a record of the Mayor's payments, it should be you.  Check your own records.  As far as #'s 2, 3 and 4, go take a look at the U.S. Cellular folder and see what our agreement is with them.  And I'm sure that you have looked at the invoices.  See what

people do and try to figure it out for yourself.   


It never ceases to amaze me of how much time you seem to have to delve into other peoples' jobs and behavior here at the office.  I've perused the statutes on any number of occasions and it looks like the Clerk and the Treasurer have duties that require that a lot of jobs get done.  As much as you like to refer to the statutes, the fact that you asked me question #1 seems to indicate that you don't even have a handle on your own job.  Yet you can apparently spend a whole lot of your time sticking your nose into everyone else's business.  You are not and administrator by state statute, you don't make policy by state statute yet that's what you try to get involved in incessantly. 


And who is this Hollenbeck guy?  What are you doing with him?  Where does he get all of his "apparent" information?  Are you pals or joined at the hip or something?  You and he together do more griping, complaining and delving into perceived wrongdoings then the rest of the city combined.  Can't you just be happy to do your elected job?




As you make your bed, so you must lie in it. - Daniel J. Boorstin



Was that the type of endorsement McCue and the City wants?  Maybe since McCue is an elitist as well?  Maybe they make good company together.  Maybe they are both grumpy people.


Maybe the GRINCH needs to go back to his cave atop Mount Crumpet!!




Two peas in a pod…..Birds of a feather……Chip didn't fall far from the block……Like father like child…….Pencil broke.  — that's all she wrote….Nothing new…Bad vibers and bad vibes…..All the king's horses and all the king's men could not put Humpty together again…..Oh the tangled webs we weave, when first we practice to deceive……..


It's time to remind our arrogant, out of control politicians in Cudahy who it is they actually work for.  WE THE PEOPLE!


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