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History Repeating on Cudahy Election?

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I am sure everyone has seen the race results by now.  Not how I wanted it to finish, but it is what it is.  If you missed it, here is the info from the Milwaukee Journal.


Mayor Ryan McCue and Municipal Judge John Zodrow both advanced to the April 6 run-off election, although both finished in second place in Tuesday's primaries.


In the mayoral race, retired banker Tony Day finished first with 1,297 votes, more than the other two candidates combined, according to unofficial returns.


Day will face McCue, a first-term incumbent, in the April 6 election.


McCue had 903 votes and Kevin Fech, director of operations for a transportation company, finished third with 130 votes.


Both Day and Fech were making their first runs for public office.  They had said Cudahy isn't keeping and attracting enough businesses.


Did I tell you about the rumor that Mayoral candidate Kevin Fech now that he is out of the running for Mayor will go after Alderman Joe Mikolajczak as a write in… Well it is 100% false.  I called Mr. Fech and asked!


Mayor McCue was interviewed by Channel 12 on Wednesday February 17, 2010 which aired on Channel 12’s 6 o’clock and 10 o’clock news that night.  I wasn’t the only one that saw it.  Zach Wisniewski also did.


In the interview, Mayor McCue stated that low voter turnout in spring primary elections as a reason he’s not concerned about finishing second to Tony Day in the primary.


Now that jogged a memory of mine.  So let’s look back at the Cudahy spring election of 2007 with some help from the Milwaukee Journal.  Highlighted and emphasis mine.


Ryan McCue came to the Cudahy mayor's race with a distinct financial advantage - nearly $7,000 - to roll out a campaign against first-term Mayor John Hohenfeldt as both vie for the city's next three-year term.


McCue built up a bank account during his run for Milwaukee County supervisor but said he has raised $4,000 more since the start of the mayor's race.


The big dollars don't worry Hohenfeldt, who touts a grass-roots philosophy for gathering support for a potential new term.  His largest contribution, $250, came from his mother, according to campaign finance filings.  He has put $1,900 of his money into the campaign since January, he said.


Voters will pick their next mayor April 3.  The job will have a salary of $59,000 a year.


McCue also comes into the general election with the top vote total from the February primary, when Scott Mulqueen was eliminated.


"Seventy percent of the voters voted for change," said McCue, accounting for the combined numbers who voted against the incumbent.


Hohenfeldt acknowledges the challenger's advantage on that, too, but said he's not playing the underdog.


"The results of the primary have sparked the people who are supporting me to get out there and continue to spread the word to make sure I get re-elected," he said, noting that voter turnout was low in February.


McCue worked as a textbook sales representative before taking on the full-time job of county supervisor.  He said he will leave that job before the term ends in 2008 if elected as Cudahy mayor.  He became a supervisor in a special election in 2002, leaving his seat as a Cudahy alderman a year after being elected.


He said his time on the County Board has provided him with experience in working with all levels of government, which will help him to "make Cudahy an attractive place for young families to come and live, an attractive place for businesses to locate."


McCue said he is prepared not only to "put an end to the Iceport" but also to control taxes, ensure safe neighborhoods, eliminate blight and hold absentee landlords accountable for their properties.


McCue wants to see a commuter rail line that will make a stop in Cudahy, with a business park filling the land.  He said the market will decide what might be built there, but "I'm open to everything."


Well it looks like people want change again.  This time from do nothing Mayor McCue!


He already knew voter turnout is low for the primary.  Typically, between 20%-25% vote and this year it was in the middle with 23%.


Last election people were making a statement by not voting for the incumbent, but this time it is just the low voter turnout and nothing to worry about.


McCue is worried, I can guarantee that!


Oh yeah one more thing.


From the Milwaukee Journal again, this time 2010.


In response, McCue said he persuaded a developer to take over the financially plagued Library Square condominium project so it wouldn't be turned into rental housing and persuaded Pick 'N Save to not only keep its store in Cudahy, but also to renovate it.


Talking about Library Square!  Take a stroll down memory lane with “Condos Are Not The Answer!


So if I called up Pick 'N Save in Cudahy and asked the Store Manger if Mayor McCue persuaded them to stay and renovate the Cudahy store they would confirm this?  Or if I called the Headquarters they would?  Did Cudahy Mayor McCue persuaded Pick 'N Save in St. Francis to do the same since the constructions were going on at the same time?  Is he that powerful of a man?


I just want to quickly draw your attention to my blog from Friday, Jun 13 2008 titled “Putting People's Mind To Ease” on Pick 'N Save. 


Even with a possible threat of big bad Wal-Mart, they were not leaving.  Maybe Mayor McCue called them up before that, maybe Mayor McCue could give us a time line of one of the few accomplishments he touts he did during his 3 years as Mayor. Look back at his list above on how and what Mayor McCue did in Cudahy at keeping and attracting businesses.


Let me whisper GE, Man vs. Grass, BPAA, Cudahy Tannery, Payless Shoes, Big Lots, IQ Buffet, and Wal-Mart!  I am sure there are others, I just forget.


Slipping Away…


I am sorry Mayor McCue!  I should now turn to be one of your supporters.  After all, you have done such an awesome job as Mayor for the last three long years.  Cudahy has never had such a high vacancy at Packard Plaza and Cudahy as a whole.  You and your development team have to swat businesses away because we are just over flowing.  Crime and drugs in the city has never been so low.  Taxes are half of what they were just three years ago.  BTW, that is what a McCue supporter told me at the store the other day.  No that is not a straw man that is a person out of touch with reality that heard some talking points and got the facts all wrong!  I am sure that give some at City Hall a rise.  I can hear it now, “Why does that Hollenbeck guy have to be so condescending.  Gosh, Mayor McCue is doing the best he can!  All he needs is time.  3 short years is not enough time.  Who does Hollenbeck think he is?”


It is odd that Mayor McCue refers to me as some blogger now and not other names, which are not my last name of Hollenbeck, Richard!.  I guess by just calling me some blogger he doesn’t want to let people know who it is.  People know.  City people read my blog as does the Mayor!


I guess I had more than one more thing.  Well then, I just will add watch for an interview with Tony Day on Channel 4 with my friend Scott Steele coming soon.




Something to chew on…


Even the owner of City Lounge is questioning Cudahy’s pro-business, oops, mistake, I meant, anti-business climate and should he leave. 


It was very nicely written that I needed to include it.


This is a bad decision and does not help Cudahy and shows the rest of corporate America as well as small business that Cudahy is not business friendly.  I have found this out first hand since I opened City Lounge.  I have been given a hard time about some of the most silly things.  I can't have a tent over my beer garden so patrons don't get wet.


I was charged double permit fees and forced to hire a HVAC engineer for something the previous owner (my father did) not me.  Forced to take my neon signs out of my upstairs windows.  (Why, to keep the dark, dreary, uninviting feel to Layton Ave.???  These are all just my legal corporations that I formed and use the upstairs of my own building for.  Are they worried that two many businesses are popping up??  I had to prove to them that the offices were for my business.


What is the problem over here???????  I have never felt so uncomfortable and unwelcome.  Do they want me to close my doors??  Do they not want outsiders??  I regret my decision to open a business in Cudahy!  I will close my doors if things keep going this way!!  I have a thriving business but do not need the hassle.  How about a big for sale sign on the City Lounge?  Is that what they want?  Wal-Mart would of helped Cudahy not hurt.  You cannot possibly hurt Cudahy more than it is already hurting.  It is dead and backward, made fun of, and disrespected.  Wake up.


****Note this is originally from May of 2008 and in 2010 is one of Mayor McCue supporters.

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