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John Manke is an active former Bay View resident who is involved in numerous neighborhood organizations, including the Bay View Historical Society, the Humboldt Park Fourth of July Association and the Shore Shore Farmers Market. He believes Bay View has a fine tradition in its past that we do not want to lose in the future.

Strange writing on facebook

  When we went to high school, Gregg's Shorthand was taught to those who wanted to become a secretary, office worker or court reporter. This was the accepted way of shortening sentences to be used in a letter copied from shorthand notes. This universal style of note taking has been accepted for use for many years. Now we have dictaphones, tape recorders,and memo savers to store these notes. The art and skill of shorthand almost seems to be lost in time. Court reporters still use a form of shorthand during trials and legal sessions.

 When you are reading facebook sayings, a crazy form of shorthand is being used. Mispelled words, indiviual letters representing words and letter codes that have mutiple meanings. One such term, "LOL" is used a lot. It could mean: "laugh out loud", "lots of laughs", "lots of luck", "laid out lady" or "laid out lad" or any such thing with those three letter headings. You must be able to understand the author to understand the meaning of his/her phrases. I have seen vularities expressed in phrases.

 One can only wonder how these writers can communicate with others. It is like speaking in a coded language. No disrespect meant, but where did people learn these odd words and letters. It is better to educate the whole man or woman so they can freely talk and be understood by others. Communications demonstrate our intelligence. If a person has many great gifts or talents, how can they communicte  their ideas to others so they can understand them. If a person can share their ideas with others, then they can work together to solve any problem. When you write on facebook, please make it possible for others to be able to understand what you are saying. Communication with others is the key to all civilizations.

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