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People Want Positive Stories about Cudahy Here Is One You Might Have Missed

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It sadness me that Mayor McCue is personally taking credit of the hard work that the Cudahy Health Department under the “Leadership” of Carol Wantuch.  True leadership! 

Not leadership just written on an election enticement, but true leadership and dedication!


I pointed out in “Dissecting Mayor Ryan McCue’s Re-election Flyer Part 1” just how low Mayor McCue will go to pull the wool over Cudahy voters (the same ones he was afraid to have ask him questions at the debate).  But I am just “some blogger”!


McCue is just one of those school bullies that steals another kid’s homework and puts his name on it!


I would like to thank the Cudahy Health Department and Carol Wantuch for all their hard work in the last year and for years past.  Many times, it is a thankless job, even when it should not be.


Congratulations Cudahy Health Department and Carol Wantuch for being one of the best in the state, despite Mayor McCue!


Thank you Carol Wantuch from just “some blogger”!


Cudahy Health Department Remains Among Best in the State

Submitted By Carol Wantuch


Posted: Feb. 5, 2010 11:29 a.m.


Dr. Seth Foldy, State Health Officer, Wednesday announced that the Cudahy Health Department has successfully passed the state’s health department review.  As a result, the Cudahy Health Department will maintain its Level III status.


“The hard-working staff of the Cudahy Health Department help make their community a healthier and safer place to live,” said Foldy.  “Their department has an actively engaged and supportive Board of Health, and does an excellent job of monitoring and assessing the needs of their community and working with partners to assure a healthy community.”


The Wisconsin Department of Health Services is required to formally review the operations of all 92 Wisconsin local health departments at the county or municipality level at least every five years.  The review establishes the health department as a level I, II or III agency.  A level I agency meets the minimum requirements and a level III agency meets the maximum requirements established for a local health department.


The Cudahy Health Department provides services important to the community in areas such as:


Communicable Disease Prevention and Control


Tobacco Prevention and Control


Access to Primary and Preventive Health Services


Health Promotion to Reduce Obesity and Improve Nutrition


Side note – Watch for some interesting things from this just “some blogger” on the Iceport and what Mayor McCue just might not want you to know!


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