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South Shore, Wisconsin?

Cudahy, Culture, Economy, Milwaukee County, South Milwaukee, St. Francis

How would you feel if, Cudahy, South Milwaukee, and St. Francis merged into South Shore, Wisconsin?


In the not too distant future that might just be what happens.  Out of necessity, South Shore, Wisconsin could be born.


Where the whole is mightier than the parts!


While talking with some City leaders on this subject, they contend that they could see a future where it exists.  Forced together for economic reasons.


Now I am sure the Mayors of the three cities would do everything in their power not to even allow it to happen.  One City leader in Cudahy told me that the talk of this is blasphemy and utter nonsense.  That there is no way the city folks from the three cities would ever want this.  I was told there is just too much divide between South Milwaukee and Cudahy.  It will never happen and I should just drop it!


See it is that type of talk “It will never happen and I should just drop it!” that makes me want to talk about it more.  It intrigues me because just the mention of it is “blasphemy and utter nonsense”!


No it is not!!!


We should have open dialog on it now before there is a need to become one big conglomerate.  I am not asking for a study to be done, just open your eyes and mind that one day it might come to that and the earlier we look at it and prepare for it, the better we will be!


Some people think we might be better off without Milwaukee County Government and I am one of them!  The suburbs get the shaft from Milwaukee County Government all the time.  The City of Milwaukee eats up and sucks in Milwaukee County Government that it is hard to tell the difference between the two.  Now you will have those defending Milwaukee County Government to the better end, mostly to keep Milwaukee County Government jobs!  That is what it really will come down to in the end.  JOBS!


I never believe any efficiency savings in bureaucracy - because these have to be enacted by the very civil servants who don't want them!


If the time comes where the Milwaukee County Government is disbanded so to could come a time when a need for South Shore, Wisconsin!


Let’s talk about it and think about it, because one day it might come to be!


Who cares about this?  There's an asteroid headed for earth in 30 years we gotta worry about.


I will have to add that I was being sarcastic, since you can't hear me say the words as I type them.


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