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Debate Fallout

2010 Election, Cudahy, Debates, McCue, Mayor

I am hearing the following from people in Cudahy and City Hall.


When she saw McCue at the school Friday night, he was asked by a lot of people why he was not at the debate, he seemed a bit uncomfortable.  Nothing more then his daily dealings with Cudahy residents in general. 


I heard that the last question on consolidation came from the guy from KEI






Great job putting the debate together, you are a true inspiration.  I am sure McCue thugs will be trying to hassle you.  I saw McCue at the Father's donuts day at Lincoln and he was surrounded by two older guys.  It’s odd that no one he surrounds himself with breaks a smile, what a sad life that is.


I am sure that after this primary we will have either Fech or Day to vote against McCue.  I actually had to explain what a primary is to a neighbor and how it differs here since there is no party affiliation of the candidates.  I would not be surprised if that is a common theme among many residents.


Cudahy is much better off with you in it.





McCue was put on the spot on Friday at the Up movie why he was not at the debate and he just kept stumbling with ah aha ah ah om, well it was not fair and anyways I needed to be here tonight with my family!  What a doorknob.  I swear I could see his hair getting more grey by the second.  I was told he stopped coloring it to look older for this election!




McCue was talking how he stood up to you Randy at City Hall, but we both know the truth he was scared to debate.  Randy, McCue must not under stand of the people, for the people by the people applies to even the questions and debaters.  WTF Outside debaters!  He was so foolish not to go to the debate that he has lost creditability with the few people City people who respected him.  He stood up to you, he cowered like a kid after getting a spanking.




I went by Park View School and notice in front of the apartments that the city has been having troubles with McCue signs.  12 signs per vacant lot!!!

We will see if Cudahy unfriends McCue!

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