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Cudahy Debates at the Kelly Senior Center

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Mayoral Debate March 23 1:00 pm

Judicial Debate March 24 10:00 am


Not the best times to have the public attend and be informed, but this is the big debate that Mayor McCue is all agog over!  Hopefully he doesn’t get any tough, hard questions.  But if he does they will be asked by the League of Woman Voters.


I wonder if Mayor McCue is going to be having a temper tantrum and asking if the people with questions have yard signs or have their minds made up.  He only wants unbiased people who aren't supporting a candidate to ask questions.


One Cudahy resident had this to say, “The times suck.  I will have a hard time getting out of work, unless I take a half day of vacation.”  To which I responded, “Yeah, I think this is the design to limit people there.”


“Common sense in an uncommon degree is what the world calls wisdom.”  - Samuel Taylor Coleridge


If you want to get as many people as possible to attend a gathering….

(didn’t want to use the word debate since it might scare Mayor McCue)


Hold the gathering when people are most likely to attend….


Common sense don’t you think, but I don't expect any common sense to prevail in his situation.


That just leaves out, well, us.  This is a disservice to both the voters and the candidates.


I have no idea what the format is, if people can write down questions to be asked for them, or even the length of time.


As someone said to me, “It will be interesting to see how much notice the community is given, other then the Kelly marquee sign!”  I agree!!


90% of the problem is asking the right question.


“Common sense is not so common.”  - Voltaire


This is from a reader email after they saw the sign about the Kelly Center debate…Sorry Forum!  I don’t want to scare Mayor McCue from attending it.  We all know how squeamish and skittish he is about the word “debate.”  Sure don’t want him telling people he didn’t attend because it was a debate.


I would like to point out that the Mayor, an elected city official hired by the taxpayers like myself, will be participating in this debate during a work day.  Will he be taking a day of vacation to participate in this debate or will I be paying for him to lobby for his job for 3 more years??  I'm just saying, wouldn't you think that would also be a pertinent point to make?


I don’t know what the rules are as far as debates and campaigning on public time, then again, Mayor McCue would just claim that he didn’t know and there are no signs telling him not to.  Much like him getting signatures on the U.S. Post Office in Cudahy property.


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