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Reader Has More on Drug Testing Elected Officials and Politicians

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Randy you struck a nerve with question whether drug testing is in the City Employee Manual.  It isn’t in there and it should be!  I hope the Personnel Committee finds the strength to add it.  I came across this online petition to get the U.S. Congress on a federal level to do just what you think Cudahy should do.  We would be light years ahead if we did.  Just think if there were some positive test results.  Well here is the web site.


Drug Test Elected Officials and Politicians


To:  U.S. Congress

We the undersigned Citizens of the United States of America, believe it must be mandatory for our elected representatives to be of clear mind and sound body, therefore we support action requiring all elected public officials of municipal, county, state or federal office to submit to regular and random supervised drug testing, and that those results be made public and published on a monthly basis in the most accessible manner to the greatest number of people.


Further, that refusal or failure to submit to any drug test automatically suspends without compensation or pay anyone, from the duties of that office to which they are elected, until that test is properly conducted, and that any subsequent refusal or failure by the same official, automatically removes said official from elected office permanently, without compensation or pay, and new elections shall be held for that office as soon as logisticly possible, while temporarily an appointee may be allowed to fill that vacated seat.

That Appointee shall be bound by this law to submit to regular and random drug testing, with all penalties enforced as well.


Further, that prior to submission of filings for intent to run for public office, submission to supervised drug testing shall occur, and failure to do so shall be grounds for rejection of any filings for intent.




The Undersigned

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