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Guest Blog by Zach Wisniewski - South Milwaukee School District Budget Cuts

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Having taken a look at the budget cuts proposed by South Milwaukee School district administration (and presumably approved by the school board), what I don't see in the proposed cuts is a line item noting that administrators will take a pay cut; why is that?  I'd also like to know why members of the school board aren't offering to cut their own pay to help defray in some small way some of the budget cuts.  Why are students, teachers, and parents being asked to sacrifice while the district's administrators and elected official are unwilling to make the same sacrifices?


Instead, there's mention of increasing student and athletic fees and pushing the cost of music lessons onto parents.  At a time when so many have taken pay cuts or lost their jobs, how can the district look at those parents with a straight face and say, "tough luck, it's up to you to pay for it."  And proposing cutting at at-risk teaching position, while at the same time acknowledging the detrimental impact that could have on students is simply irresponsible.  Given that similar cuts have been proposed in years past with great outcry from teachers, students, and parents, it seems the administration and school board simply aren't listening to the very folks they're supposed to be serving.  If administrators and the school board can't find a way to keep the orchestra program, as well as the at-risk teaching position, then the administrators and school board simply aren't trying hard enough, and the grade they deserve is a big fat "F."


At the rate the school board is going, there won't be much left to cut in the future, and the South Milwaukee school district runs the very real risk of losing students to districts that aren't cutting music, business education, sports, and at-risk programs.  At the same time, the students that are in the district will get a lesser quality education that focuses more on facts and figures and less on creating well rounded young thinkers and citizens.

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