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Analysis of the Tony Day Strange Platform & IcePort Story

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This is a breakdown of Mary W’s post called Tony Day Strange Platform & Ice Port

Blue text are mine, black text is Mary W’s text.


Tony Day’s platform or lack thereof is perplexing.


Mayor Ryan McCue: An Enigma Where is Mayor McCue’s platform? 

I am still waiting for Mayor McCue to be specific on how he is going to solve the economic problems that this city is facing.  Mayor McCue – Where’s the beef?  You can't be elected with just the buns.


The one that he is circulating is fundamentally impossible.  He wrote that he wants to reorganize the Executive Body, Legislative Body and Judicial Body.  I guess he isn’t smarter than a fifth grader because he should know that those are three equal yet separate branches of government!  His lack of governmental experience is glaring.


Not sure, what Tony means, so I have asked him for clarification.


Since he is a retired banker he wants to work part time and hire a city administrator?  Oak Creek just fired theirs that made over $108,000 per year plus benefits.  So the citizens will get more taxation and less representation under Tony’s plan.  His plan has already failed in past referendums.  Does he know better than we do?


Yes, I don’t agree with a City Administrator and it doesn’t make sense in Cudahy.  BTW Mayor McCue already must think Cudahy has a part time Mayor.  I have been talking about that for two years.  We as taxpayers have no idea and no way of checking the amount of time the Mayor works!


Wasn’t it the bankers that got our country in this financial mess?  And, now we might allow one to become our next mayor. 


How was the bank failure Tony Day’s fault?  That logic just escapes me!  Quick take out all your money and stop using banks for loans after the banks failed.  We elected a former textbook salesman with McCue.  It always seems like many local politicians or their supporters strive to recreate the drama of national politics on a smaller scale.  Even Bob the Builder couldn't do much about globalization and national issues in his town!


Did he get a golden parachute when he retired?


Now that’s a good one strike fear and hatred.  Pulling all the stops.  Sometimes scare tactics are the truth, but this uninformed statement isn’t the truth.  Golden parachutes are typically for who are terminated not retired.  Let’s educated and inform.

A golden parachute is an agreement between a company and an employee (usually upper executive) specifying that the employee will receive certain significant benefits if employment is terminated.


He wants to “Address the Stagnation of New Business Growth”.  In 2008 Chase bank got $28 BILLION in TARP funds to help kick start the economy, yet Tony’s bank decreased lending that same year.  If banks aren’t lending how can a business grow or start up?


Tony’s bank???? Tony is a retired Cudahy branch manager it isn’t his bank.  Now Chase bank is a national bank and Mary is making this a local issue with a national and world problem.  Most banks have decreased lending.  With McCue, we don’t need to worry about business growing and starting up since he isn’t pro-business!


Tony was on the CDA and voted countless times for the Iceport which has cost the taxpayers millions and has been an embarrassment for our city.  He has past mayor Ray Glowacki on his right and Jack Vaccorro on his left advising him both of whom were the ones that brought us the Iceport in the first place.


Now McCue is the Mayor and directly under his lack of leadership on the Iceport cleanup will cost us even more money.  He also pushed Wal-Mart out who would have picked up the cleanup costs.


Once residents learned the details surrounding the Iceport and the numbers came out, I don’t know anyone that wanted it.  Yet, Tony, Ray and Jack knew better than we did.


McCue wanted it as well in the beginning and remember the Master Plan called for something like the Ice skating/soccer complex.


I am not a huge fan of Mayor McCue but he is getting my vote because I can’t excuse Tony’s support for the Iceport.  He failed to do his homework and ask tough questions.  Fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me.  Let’s not be fooled again.


McCue voted for the Iceport while he was on the Common Council, but Mary W. is not huge McCue fan, just a fan and that is fine.  Her reason because Tony voted for the Iceport is just weak!  Do us all a favor and do not waste another keystroke on whether or not you are a huge fan of Mayor McCue, can you spell hypocrite?


Tony Day?  No Way!


Everyone has their own opinions and has a right to it, but can Cudahy survive another 3 more years of Do Nothing McCue?



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