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How to Fix the Cudahy School System Part 1

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Let’s start off with a round of questions followed by some brainstorming.


Why would people want to move to Cudahy?

Are Cudahy’s taxes low?

Does Cudahy have a crime problem?

If you had to do it over, would you still move to Cudahy?

Are renters an asset or a liability to the City of Cudahy?

Is there anything special about Cudahy’s schools?


What are reasons people look to move and buy a house?


Need a bigger house

Need to find a starter house

Need to find an affordable house

Property taxes too high or out of control

Crime is high or increasing

Reduce the commute to work

School system they desire


So as the title suggests we will talk about the Cudahy School System, what the problems are and possible fixes.  Keep in mind that things need to improve and I am sure there isn’t just one problem and isn’t limited to just the Cudahy School System.  We most likely need a multi-prong approach.


In the 'real' world to resolve the problem, you first have to be honest in your analysis of what caused the problem.


Am I alone in thinking that the teaching profession in general has brought this on itself by embracing liberal lefty attitudes to discipline in the classroom?  No, I am NOT alone and if you are honest about it, you will come to the same conclusions.  Schools that have the softy-soft approach are not doing children any favors whatsoever.  Bring back good quality discipline and parental involvement and most problems will correct themselves.


Is there something special about the Cudahy Schools that would make people want to relocate to Cudahy for them?




What makes Arrowhead High School special and sought out?


If I say to you, Hartland Arrowhead what comes to mind?


Arrowhead High School (AHS) – Sports, football, large complex, ice area, swimming pool, programs galore, and Advanced Placement (AP).  People move to the Hartland district for the school.  Did you know that supports the largest Choral program in the state of Wisconsin.  In 2009, AHS group Broadway Company was awarded the number one high school musical in the country.  Its performance of CATS was signaled out by USA TODAY as the best performance by any high school in the country has a rating for Arrowhead High School a 10 out of 10.


Now if you look at Cudahy High School has a rating 5 out of 10.




Just as we learned that a community makes a store, so does a community make a school.


Now we have an awesome football team, history, and system in place.  But sports alone will not do it.  Cudahy has Advanced Placement (AP) classes as well and a good drama department.


What are AP classes?  The Advanced Placement program offers college level courses at high schools so they students get college credit of those classes.


We need to dig deep and find some of the root causes of the problem.  Could it be less income, more troubled students, perception, image, renters, old schools, lack of special programs, parental involvement, teachers, or Cudahy is just getting the raw end of the deal.  It could be all, some or none!


What I do know is that for me, one of Cudahy’s problems is with the citizens!  More people need to get involved.  Period!  We all need to go to a school board meeting.  One of my new friends told me that you can mold and change more from the outside as a citizen attending a school board meeting than being a school board member.


What I do know is parents are not as involved with the process, their children, and the school system as they should be!


What I do know is Cudahy needs to move forward with all day K-4.  Not to be a daycare, but to give the young children more time in the structured environment.  The idea would be studies in the morning and free time to socially interact in the afternoon.  Build on the creativity of the students and the teachers.  Gifted and Talented classes as well are needed starting at K-4.  It can be done.  If there is a will, there is a way!  You gotta want to, to be able to!


What I do know is that our percent of renters to homeowner’s percent is wrong for long-term growth and prosperity.  Currently, Cudahy is about 60% renters and 40% homeowners.  Even using the conservative numbers of 50/50 still not the right mix.  We want people to make Cudahy their roots and their home, not just a house.  Oh, we need renters just as much as we need homeowners, but it needs to be the right mix and currently Cudahy’s is backwards.


What I do know is kids today have less respect in themselves and for others!  They have less self-discipline.  Most of that is a failure at home.


What I do know is every time people see the problems in schools; they blame everything but the causes.  The very system of schools.  Society will not go back to respect and self-discipline without help from the family first.


What I do know is there are teenagers for whom the present school system is a complete waste of time, and they have a detrimental influence in the classroom.  So they should be identified and taught in a way that catches their imagination.


What I do know is we must realize that children have differing IQs and that their capacity for learning is different.  We took away parental incentive to train their children into accepting a learning regime.  Discipline and respect are best learned at home.


What I do know is the philosophy of the “PC” and do-gooder liberals has resulted in the increase of violence in the classrooms.


For far too many years liberal attitudes have taken the attention of the media to the point that students of a certain age, have become totally aware of there increased ability to have an affect on the world around them (good in some respects).  Far too often, however, they experiment with this to the detriment of those around them who have been stripped of necessary support.


Discipline and respect for others should be instilled by parents and schools, if this means the return of corporal punishment then so be it.  The decline in our social structure can easily be seen as a direct result of a liberal attitude to punishment (or lack of it!) being used as a corrective measure.  Take off the kid gloves and give teachers a legal structure of punishments and controls they can apply to offenders.


The rules need to be changed...and fast.  Kids now hold all the cards and as a result, discipline in schools is shocking.  We need to stop this lefty namby-pamby attitude and instill some discipline that will allow pupils to learn.  I am not advocating beating up pupils, but punishments that include the strap should not be ruled out of hand.  It is only since the removal of these punishments from schools that not only has discipline gone, but also educational standards have dropped.



Teachers Favor Reform Over Money


According to the ever-largest national survey of teachers, school reform, and student grades matters to teachers more than the money they get.


40,090 teachers in every grade and in every state were surveyed.  Most of them think that "non-monetary awards,” such as a supportive school leadership, are more important than their paychecks.


Additionally a majority said it wants higher academic standards and differentiating instruction.  "They are very, very interested in the subject of reform,” the president of Scholastic Education, Margery Mayer, says.




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