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Engaging the Renters & Young Voters in Cudahy Part 2

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Part 2 - The Young Voters in High School not able to vote yet.


Here is an email I received from a reader:


I wanted to know what you thought about how do you encourage renters & young people to get involved in their community (when there is such a large percentage in this city) and to make an informed decision if they are unable to attend this gathering since it is being held at such an inopportune time? 


What about this being the perfect opportunity for the first time voters in high school to get involved on a more local level where they can see how much of an impact they can truly have with their community by making their voices heard thru voting.


How exciting for them to be able to cast that ballot for the first time & truly see how they can make a difference, but why would they, or better yet, why should they, if the candidates aren't willing to express their opinions in a forum that won't conflict w/school?


For the kids that are interested in voting, school is most likely an important part of their day since they realize they need to go to school to make a better life for themselves and have the ability to make a greater impact on their community, not by being a career politician...(just my .02)



Start by getting the schools to hold mock elections and not just the Presidential ones, but the City ones as well.  Class assignments on civics and it can start well before High School too.


Student involvement might directly affect the student’s home, where the family could be a homeowner or renter that doesn’t vote or isn’t informed on the candidates or issues.


Have a real meet the mayor at city hall for students.  A field trip where students see what happens at this local level.  Just having the Mayor come in and give a speech will not suffice.  This also means the Mayor has to be at City Hall for this to work.


Give students class assignment credit for coming to a school board meeting or Common Council meeting.  One where they look at the agenda, research one of the items on it and have questions to ask the Chair.


Maybe for the next election have the High School Debate/Forensics Team setup and run one of the debates for Mayoral candidates in the primary.


It is most important to get the students involved early and show them how the elections affect them!


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