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A Question on Elections and Campaigning

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If a candidate that is the Incumbent is running for re-election, should they be able to use City Hall for possible campaigning?


I would like to direct your attention to this post made on Cudahy Now’s Your Stories:


Town Hall Meeting Scheduled for March 4

Submitted By Mayor Ryan McCue


Posted: Feb. 26, 2010




The Town Hall Meeting with Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue scheduled for the first Thursday of every month, has been set for:


 THURSDAY, MARCH 4, 2010 at the Cudahy City Hall from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM.


 All City of Cudahy residents are invited.  Mayor McCue will be talking about current events going on in the City and residents will be able to ask Mayor McCue questions and share their thoughts.


Now I know Mayor McCue has been holding these meetings before the election some at City Hall and others at the Library.


Now I would like you to look at what Mayor McCue’s campaign website said, this has since changed around February 27 th or so, but there are still copies of it out there like this one.



An elected official accountable to the people…

I believe as Mayor of Cudahy, I've been elected and given a responsibility to serve you, the residents of this great city.  That's why when it comes to the issues, I'm hear to listen to you!  In the weeks to come, I'll be crafting my campaign platform - with your help!


Be sure to join me at listening sessions and meet-the-Mayor events.


I want your feedback.


We know that Cudahy is facing tough times.  Our economy is down, we're concerned about the environment, and employment is on everyone's mind.  Join me in discussing what we can do - together to overcome these challenges.


I would think that the Meet-the-Mayor, which was intended to inform people on what is going on in the city, might have had a different meaning for Mayor McCue.  The meeting was cancelled and I am still unsure why Rachel Mosey is doing PR for the Mayor when it is possible that the Meeting could have other uses.  I don’t think that is still the best use of TIF money for Rachel Mosey to be the Mayor’s PR person.


Mayor's Town Hall Meeting Cancelled

Submitted By Rachel Mosey


Posted: March 3, 2010


Mayor McCue's monthly town hall meeting scheduled for Thursday, March 4th has been cancelled so that the Mayor can attend the funeral of Edwin "Edju" Adamczyk. The town hall meeting will be rescheduled on another date.


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