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Cudahy 2010 Spring Election Rumors

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Here are things I am hearing with winds on the street.  Believe them, don’t believe them, pass them off as half truths or just the rumor mill.  Since we don’t know if any of this is true, I have to say they are rumors until someone comes forward to say otherwise!



  1. Mayor McCue has encouraged people that he trusts to run for office in Cudahy against those who he doesn’t.  With the following, Dennis Broderick for Clerk/Treasurer and John Cummings III for District 2 Alderman.


  1. I am hearing that Tony Day, when elected, (not if), plans on cleaning house at city hall.  You may see several department heads leaving for other professional opportunities (if you know what I mean).


  1. Mayor McCue is looking hard at MMSD as a plan “b,” but what he will find is that Kevin Schaefer has no use for former politicians.  They mean nothing to him, since he gets their support, and when they are not reelected, has no use for them.  He did have Tim Seider do some consulting work, but that was after he was done as a commissioner on the MMSD board.  The district is run via Veolia under a 10-year contract, and they don't give former politicians the time of day, even with inside connections.


  1. McCue is running extremely scared.  He is not showing it under public settings, however, I know that while he still believes that he is the king and could pull this off, he deep down is rattled and is not getting a good reception when hitting the streets.  Hint:  Maybe someone could check into what time of day he is hitting the street.  Usually, the mayor works 8 to 5, however, not this mayor.


  1. I keep hearing from many different people that McCue keeps losing campaign signs.  Again, it is against the law to steal them, so please don’t!  If people are lawfully taking them down, then that says something!


  1. Along with the signs, I hear McCue is losing about 60 voters a week to Tony Day.



  1. I am hearing the new Re-elect Mayor McCue Hugh Campaign Signs are not legal and proper in size.  They are too big and are in violation and must be corrected within 15 days.  Is this another sign (pun intended) that rules simply don’t apply to Mayor McCue or could it be just arrogance and ignorance or just another overlooked thing?


Look for patterns regardless of how small things are, they all matter!



Just a thought someone else had and passed along to me.


I hear we have a new player for Mayor to run as a write in.  Mr. Sale with a first name of For.  Yes, For Sale signs have been found campaigning against Mayor McCue. 


And I am hearing in the third district that a new write in was also found.  Mr. Rent with a first name For.  Yes, For Rent signs have been found campaigning against Alderman Otto. 


I cannot take credit for this, but is so good I have to share it.


“How about posting a sign on a vacant lot in Cudahy and have it read: "Mayor McCue's accomplishments as Mayor of Cudahy".  I am sure that he will be proud of it !  Just another wake-up call to a future election.  You voted for him, this is what you got as a result.”


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