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Another Plea for Chronicle All the Accomplishments of Mayor McCue

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This is another chance for McCue supporters to rave about your candidate and explain all he has done in the 3 years as Cudahy’s Mayor!


As Mayor McCue says in Council Chambers as the Chair:


Anyone wishing to speak now is your chance!


Anyone wishing to speak now is your chance!!


Anyone wishing to speak now is your chance!!!


We are attempting an epic story!  A story of intrigue and mystery to some.  A story that needs to be flushed out!


Please help fill in the gaps year by year of what Mayor McCue has done!  Please be specific and include dates.  If McCue did something great or at all, let’s give him the credit he deserves!  Here is your chance, all you McCue supporters, to shine and show me I am wrong that McCue is selling make believe. 


Get out yer' big guns and hunt down the truth if you can.  The facts are hardly secret!


You send me hate mail and hit and run comments on the blog, now is your time to be constructive and show support to Mayor Ryan McCue.  You don’t want to come across as silent supporters do you?  Obfuscation comes to mind.


In the end, your results have to do the talking.  I would love to just give credit where credit is due and stop hating on other's achievements.  Just show me the light and the way.  Show me the evidence!  Show me I am wrong!  Show me I have no clue what I say and write.  Show me the achievements!  Reasonable people can agree to disagree. 


Please, Mayor McCue’s re-election is swaying on your answers or lack of answers.  It would be sad if his supporters cannot come to his aid!  Well Mayor McCue can always take that job at MMSD after the retirement in December.  I was given on good word, that the Lt. Governorship was going to be a publicity stunt done for political gain and to help McCue feel good about himself.


I am not asking you to do the Pros and the Cons of Mayor McCue’s 3 years in office, just his Pros in detail with dates and specifics.


Time to get your thinking caps on.  This really shouldn’t be hard.  Yet again, we ask a simple question, “What has he done for the 3 years as Cudahy’s Mayor?


Some say the start is the hardest part.  I will get you started!  With a sonic boom, he got elected in April 3rd 2007!  We’ve finally had the opportunity to view the wisdom or folly of that decision.  Now go from there!  Look for patterns regardless of how small things are, they all matter!


The Cudahy voters demand mind-numbing minutiae to the achievements of Mayor McCue over the last 3 years!


Time doesn’t change a man’s word, but you learn his sincerity of action during it!


Perception versus reality




Year 1 April 17, 2007 – April 17, 2008



Year 2 April 18, 2008 – April 17, 2009



Year April 18, 2009 – Current date (new Mayor Tony Day takes over April 20th)

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