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This Was So Good I Have To Share With Everyone

Drugs, Marijuana

This is a comment from Nextgencudahy on my post called “Should Elected Officials be Drug Tested?


I was flabbergasted and dumbfounded.


Randy, I think that the handbook is a GOOD thing for Cudahy since everyone, including city officials should be held accountable to a standard.  But I kind of think that the drug testing thing is just stupid.  Drug testing is a violation of privacy, and civil liberty.  I like McCue (I know you immediately tuned out just now), and I highly doubt he does any kind of drugs, but if he DID want to go home and smoke a joint with his wife, who the F**K cares?  The sooner people like you, who run around CONFIDENT that Marijuana is a gateway drug, gay marriage is bad, yada yada, die off, the better off we'll all be.  I highly doubt the mayor or anyone in his office uses drugs, but I'm surprised you haven't driven them to it yet.


“I tried marijuana once.  I did not inhale”. --William J. Clinton - Bill Clinton


Wow nextgencudahy, if you are the next generation of Cudahy we are in trouble.  I didn’t say anything about Marijuana or McCue using drugs.  You did and I know that McCue would like to have it legalized that is all.  Know something we don’t?  I don’t and if you talk to any police officers they will tell you Marijuana is a gateway drug.


“The War on Drugs has been an utter failure.  We need to rethink and decriminalize our marijuana laws”.  -  Barack Obama


If McCue is serious about crime and drugs in Cudahy, then you start with your own house (City Hall).


“I now have absolute proof that smoking even one marijuana cigarette is equal in brain damage to being on Bikini Island during an H-bomb blast.” - Ronald Reagan


Now it doesn’t surprise me you are for McCue!  Not one bit.  We could all tell even without you declaring it, just by your words, tone, and subtext.  Maybe he will hire you as a special contributor!!!!  Love the “die off” part.  Shows just what type of person you are.  You’re a McCue supporter! 


Drug testing - We would never know who does drugs, illegal drugs with out them.  And if you think it is a privacy issue, email me and I will sent you all the info on it. 


"Teach the young people how to think, not what to think.”  -Sidney Sugarman


After reading these comments, I remain far more concerned at the state of human stupidity than anything else.


“I like McCue (I know you immediately tuned out just now), and I highly doubt he does any kind of drugs, but if he DID want to go home and smoke a joint with his wife, who the F**K cares”


I don’t see any civil liberty issues here and this is for the best of the city.  What is needed here is an injection of common sense.  I am sorry if some people like to think that smoking Marijuana in your own home is fine, because it isn’t.  It is illegal!!!


What?  Huh?  Wait, dude I have the munchies man!  Or better yet, mmmm.  It is illegal???  No way man!  Is that why I have to find a drug dealer to buy it and can’t pick it up at the Walgreen’s Drug store or Pick n’ Save?


Dude, next your going to tell me that if I wanted to shoot up some heroin from the guy in the dark alley I bought it from is illegal as well!


It's not illegal to smoke Cannabis (Marijuana) in certain restaurants in Amsterdam, just because you can get away with doing something doesn't mean you should do it.


“Drugs are a waste of time.  They destroy your memory and your self-respect and everything that goes along with your self-esteem”.  - Kurt Cobain


If the local elected officials, are against this you have to ask yourself why?  Believe me, this isn't a question of principle.  It's all politics!  Against this backdrop, it would be highly naïve, if not unforgivably reckless, to entertain the thought otherwise.  So much for public safety, upholding our quality of life, proactively, positive vision, safety, and protecting the taxpayers.  Maybe we're getting too used to having people telling us what to think, what to expect, or what is right.


Now I understand with the Unions it would have to be worked in, but start with the elected offices and move to the hourly workers and management.  In real life, we are always participating to some degree in the questionable dealings of others.


Large numbers of unemployed young people provide a melting pot for unrest as they see no hope of improvement in their lives and many turn to drugs, crime, and violence.  Crime and drugs is an equal opportunity problem.  It hits all walks of life!


Drugs, crime, and violence will end when the rule of law is respected.  Remember Marijuana is illegal!


The able does it, the unable criticize it.


“Marijuana is a much bigger part of the American addiction problem than most people - teens or adults – realize”. - John Walters

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