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Cudahy110's Big Anti-Tony Day List Part 1

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My responses are in blue.  It was so big I had to make it two posts.


From Cudahy110 - These are actually not rumors but facts.  Just need Tony to sign off on them that he agrees.  Randy -can you assist?  These came from a previous posting of yours.


Cudahy110 you have so much here, I had to turn my comments into a blog and make it two parts.  BTW some of your facts are true, some are speculation and out of context or missing details.  As for Cudahy110’s list, I'd like to point out that it's a tease.  We really learned nothing from it.  This neat little list that he gave us is the journalistic equivalent of Hamburger Helper, actually, it's shake and bake.  Brilliant - with such elegance and grasp of language how could you possibly be wrong?  Choose what you want to hear and you will miss the truth.


Cudahy110 - “I think we are all smarter than to provide Randy and his 2 followers with information to pick apart and have future blogs about. I suggest you contact Ryan McCue directly if you want further information, you already are frequent visitors of his web page.


I’ll interpret your quip as a failed rebuttal.


No wonder he was afraid to give us a list of what Mayor McCue accomplished during the 3 years as Mayor.  He has done nothing and the list would be BS.  I would easily pick it apart.  Too bad, that would have been another arrow in my quiver.  We’re a product of our own successes or failures, when you do nothing, you are nothing!


If in doubt, claim your way is the right way.


If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS and that is what the list would be.  Cudahy110 knows this; you and I both know it as well!!!!


Watch what McCue does, or has not done, not what he says.  Yes do talk to McCue but be prepared for McCue to talk out of both sides of his mouth (double-talk to gobbledy-gook doublespeak) and give you the classic politics of a politician.  That is why McCue doesn’t want anything in writing!  Deniable plausibility!  It becomes hearsay!  Backpedaling and dodging are two of the things McCue does very well.  He has been speaking in tongues for years when it comes to explaining himself.  He wants to be all things to all people.  That is what egocentric narcissists do.  This charade is coming to a screeching halt! 


“There ain't no answer.  There ain't gonna be any answer.  There never has been an answer.  That's the answer.” - Gertrude Stein


McCue would have been a better Mayor had he seen things how they truly are instead of how he wished them to be!


1) Tony wants to work part time and hire a city administrator


Even a diamond has flaws and YES and I don’t agree with hiring a city administrator and don’t think the Common Council will vote for it either.  Remember it takes their vote to do it.  Do you understand the mayor-city council form of government?  The mayor is limited to what he can do.... the city council has to approve everything.  Getting elected is the easy part....can you GOVERN….Can you lead!!!  McCue is boss not a leader.  In simplest form, a boss says, "Go", a leader "Let's go".


McCue worked Part Time as Cudahy’s Mayor, but was paid as a full time Mayor.  If incompetence were a competition, McCue would be world champion!  What can we expect???  How about McCue stays in his office, does some work and stops campaigning during the workday?  That would be a start.


2) Tony is moving out of Cudahy once his wife retires - more than 1 source on this.


What is left out is when is his wife retiring?


Tony dispelled the rumor his wife was retiring next year; she has more that 4 years plus left.  If and when they are moving to Florida then, I don’t know. 


If Cudahy110 is saying that you shouldn’t vote for Tony Day because he could leave Cudahy as Mayor once his wife retires, what does Cudahy110 think about McCue wanting to run for the Lt. Governor's seat later this year?  It would be par for the course for McCue not to finish the term he would have just gotten elected for.  This is the first time he has finished a full term.  McCue likes to go on to better things; Cudahy Mayor is just a stepping-stone.


Cudahy110 doesn't have definitive proof - Is your source Tony, Cheryl (his wife) or her work?  If not, source isn’t reliable.  His wife has a ways to go before retiring. 


Without proof, what is it called?  A hypothesis!


Asked and answered in this blog “Another Tony Day Rumor Dismissed” Tony Day said, “My wife will not be able to retire for four years plus.”


3) Iceprt - big supporter of it, many times around.  Left now for the city to clean-up his mess that he was in favor of, again fact.  Ryan, like others voted intially to hear what the IcePort was all about but Tony continued to support it.


Everything makes sense after the fact in seeing the future.  Hindsight is 20/20!  Could of, would of, should of!


***FULL STOP*** The City didn’t have to be stuck with the cleanup, that is on your boy McCue.  Wal-Mart would have been stuck with the cost of it and Wal-Mart wasn’t going to use TIF money that Mayor McCue thinks TIF stands for Taxes Is Free.


Attention Cudahy citizens we need a fact check on item three!


Glad you acknowledge McCue’s part.  *Golf claps*  Please remove the blinders and blinkers and get over the amnesia.  You don’t point out that McCue was on the CDA with Tony Day and McCue was an alderman on the Common Council.  But those are just small details.  Can someone pull the audio and the minutes to see if McCue disapproved of the Iceport!  Any bets what we would find?


Now if McCue wasn’t so bent on political career enhancement to become a career politician maybe he could have stayed on in Cudahy and stopped it or maybe he would have voted for it (that seems more likely)!  McCue is selling make believe and you are a sucker, I mean a buyer!  And people wonder why the public have nothing but contempt for our politicians...The mind boggles!


Mayor McCue isn’t a reformer, he is a career politician.


Career Politicians: all promises and hot air.  Just ignore them.


“Whenever a man has cast a longing eye on offices, a rottenness begins in his conduct.” -

Thomas Jefferson


“Those who stand for nothing fall for anything.” - Alexander Hamilton

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