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Cudahy110's Big Anti-Tony Day List Part 2

2010 Election, Cudahy, Election, Mayor, McCue, Tony Day

My responses are in blue.  It was so big I had to make it two posts.


From Cudahy110 - These are actually not rumors but facts.  Just need Tony to sign off on them that he agrees.  Randy -can you assist?  These came from a previous posting of yours.


Cudahy110 you have so much here, I had to turn my comments into a blog and make it two parts.  BTW some of your facts are true, some are speculation and out of context or missing details.  As for Cudahy110’s list, I'd like to point out that it's a tease.  We really learned nothing from it.  This neat little list that he gave us is the journalistic equivalent of Hamburger Helper actually, it's shake and bake.  Brilliant - with such elegance and grasp of language how could you possibly be wrong?  Choose what you want to hear and you will miss the truth.


I did talk to Tony Day directly myself.


4) Jack Vaccorro is on his campaign.


Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, WOW... pinch me.  I am SHOCKED!  Shocked I tell you!  Yes, Jack is working on Tony Day’s camp.  (Gasp!)  Yes, Jack doesn’t like McCue since McCue made Jack resign because he told Jack he was too old.  FACT!  Isn’t that ageism and wrong?  FACT!!!!!


A savvy owner doesn't want to limit his opportunities - he simply wants the best.

Show me any professional team - NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, that has an age limit.

Allow me to answer that one for you - there isn't any.

While McCue may have some age bias, professional sports don’t.


5) Jack Vaccorro will run the show in the slim event Tony would get in?


Meanwhile, in Utopia... “in the slim event Tony would get in”


Back in reality (Cudahy) - It isn’t a slim chance Tony Day will get in, but keep telling yourself that.  Shall we say sayonara now?  Winds of change sweeping through.  Like Ross Perot said: "Its time to clean out the barn".


I am not reading tealeaves; I am listening to the people of Cudahy, something Mayor McCue doesn’t do!


Still don’t see Jack running the show even when in he is in Cudahy during the Summer and Phoenix in the Winter.


Cue slow fade-in of background music of Ryan McCue's election song..."You Dropped The Bomb On Me"  by "The Gap Band" that swells as McCue continues packing his bags and looking for an available Cudahy realtor.  This so called Utopia is starting to show it's cracks under the blanket of BS that McCue has showered on the people for 3 years!


6) Jack Vaccorro did not win when he tried under his ticket so he is using Tony to get in.


Sounds a lot like item 5 doesn’t it?  Just repackaged!


No, Jack wants what is best for Cudahy and “do nothing” McCue is NOT what is best for Cudahy.  Jack is very pro-business, pro Cudahy schools and Pro Tony Day.  I think (my guess) that Jack wants Tony Day to win partly because McCue told him he was too old and because it would be the best for Cudahy.  For three years, Cudahy has stood still while McCue worked Part Time as Mayor, but was paid as a full time Mayor and did nothing.  Mayor McCue held Cudahy ransom during his time as Mayor!  Cudahy is in a ‘Category 5’ economic crisis and cannot survive 3 more years of “do nothing” McCue!  Everything in Cudahy is great, just ask the Mayor McCue...


7) Jack Vaccorro pretty much made Tony run for office, Tony had no intention on his own


Jack didn’t push Tony into it. 


Insinuating that Tony has no freewill.  Wow, you should have come out with the puppet master pulling the strings.  And you know Tony had no intentions how?  Gee, didn't know you were a mind reader.  You must possess (ESP) extrasensory perception, telepathy and other paranormal phenomena powers.  Please give us details.  It's the details that always complicates life.  You did just make that up.  Good for you.  Don't let the facts get in the way of your opinion. Do you have an audio tape, U.S. Mail or email to backup your claim?


8) Tony worked in the banking industry prior, the same industry that go us into the economic mess and the banking industry is preventing small business from getting new loans to help cities such as Cudahy.


Cudahy110, my friend Amy has a very good blog on how the banks got in this mess and it goes back to Jimmy Carter in 1977.  Here it is reposted for you and others that don’t know history or choose to look the other way.


Click for Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 created the need for a $700 billion dollar bailout. 


This question is repeated in item 10 just written differently.  Put a new coat of paint on the old junk and the people will never know!


9) Tony wants to reorganize the Executive Body, Legislative Body, and Judicial Body but his lack of knowledge made him miss that they are separate branches of government



The way it was explained to me was the changes would be to make the Mayor part time, have a City Administrator be the one running the city with the alderman working close with both people.  Taking the City Accountant and merge, that person’s job duties with the Comptroller’s job thus reorganized that part.  Take the Cudahy Municipal Judge and merge it with either South Milwaukee’s or St. Francis’s Municipal Judge and have one Judge for the two cities.  A committee will be put together to look at the pros and cons.


Did Tony say he was going to merge the Executive Body, Legislative Body, or Judicial Body or give powers from one to the other? 


I didn’t think so!


10) Tony wants to grow business but while he worked at the bank he Tony’s bank decreased lending that same year.  If banks aren’t lending how can a business grow or start up?


Why not write about what might happen if a unicorn ran across the field during a Cudahy football game or what would happen if a Sasquatch destroyed City Hall and say it was Tony Day’s fault!  What year exactly are you talking about so I can ask Ron at Chase Bank?


Not sure that it is Tony’s fault that banks aren’t loaning money or that only Tony’s pervious employer (Chase Bank) is the only one not loaning money. 


It isn’t Tony’s bank, he doesn’t own the bank even though that is what all of you McCue supporters think in your vivid minds.  (Much like Bush lied people died, but Congress passed it as well and thought Iraq had WMD)


Atta boy.  Logic rises up from the strangest places.  If you're going to excrete all this acrimonious bullcrud at least back it up with some real facts with supporting data!


I will call Chase Bank in Cudahy to see if they are loaning money.  10 to 1 they are!


I called them (414) 747-6113 and they are still loaning money. 


Please reread my answer to item 8!  You must have wanted ten items and couldn’t come up with ten so you decided to repeat it reworded, nice try!


Maybe you were referring to a specific type of loan? 


Maybe something like this:


Cudahy planners are drafting voluntary design guidelines for commercial projects with the expectation that the only the way the work will get done is if the city pays for it.


The guidelines, which apply to new commercial projects and renovations to existing properties, emphasize preserving and restoring the exteriors of historic buildings.  Essentially, the city wants to encourage business owners to fix up their building exteriors but understands there is not a lot of money for those projects, said Sara Eberhardy, chairwoman of the Cudahy Community Development Authority.


“Banks don’t want to invest or give loans to these types of things,” she said.


So the responsibility will shift primarily to the city to pay for the exterior restoration work that will satisfy the standards, Eberhardy said.


Does a bank have to give a loan if they don’t feel comfortable with it?  Are you into forcing banks to do so?  How did we get into this problem in the first place again?


Did you read this - Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 created the need for a $700 billion dollar bailout. 


If you are fishing, your stringer remains empty.  Go Fish!


All these self-righteous perfect souls without blemish or weakness.  How lucky we are that they contribute to this blog.  Holy cow...  The glow from your halo is blinding!


So what is McCue doing as Mayor for us “The People”.  Please McCue supporters instead of trying to personally attack me, calling me school kids names, sending me comments or emails that don’t make much sense and seem like a middle schooler wrote, and those that just have no clue but blindly like McCue, please tell ‘US’ what has he done?


Recap of Cudahy110’s Big Anti-Tony Day List – anticlimactic, filler, and tease.  Cudahy110 is spreading utter bull crap.  I cannot imagine what your shoes smell like.


I stand corrected....  No, really I do....  I bow to your powers of criticism - they uncover such depths of truth regarding the superiority of your facts and truths.


...  They do, honest!


In the 'real' world, it is important to keep the lines of communications open between the city and the people of the community.  I believe that being informed on what's going on in the city and the neighborhood keeps a lot of misinformation and rumors at bay.


Beware of those that trim facts to fit wants instead of needs or truth.


Rumors and myths demystified!  End of File!

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